Smart Core™

The future of core systems

For today’s modern insurer, the pace of decision-making has increased, data is abundant, and advances in technology have opened up new opportunities. Core systems in use today enforce industry best practices and provide an engaging experience.

However, as an insurance professional, you still struggle to find the right information that is useful in the moment and optimized for the decisions you have at hand. You must collect and aggregate information from multiple systems, and you often find yourself waiting for complex, costly, and time-consuming IT projects to complete. Even after that, you’re left with information that is stale, incomplete, and answers only yesterday’s questions—not the questions that you need to answer tomorrow.

But what if your core systems elevated your work and made you better at your job? What if your systems were “smart”?

Guidewire believes that the future of core systems will indeed be smart. In fact, this transition is already well underway. Our systems deliver a truly Smart Core™ that:

  • Delivers a single source of truth
    Providing one place where information is consolidated for you to retrieve or analyze in real time
  • Becomes an advisor
    Continuously monitoring the condition of claims, policies, and submissions and providing advice about actions that you should take and customers that require your attention
  • Becomes a super-assistant
    Sweeping away simple repetitive tasks so that you can focus on tasks where your skills and expertise are most valuable

Any one of these characteristics would be valuable by itself. But when all these things happen together, you have an even more powerful tool. The Smart Core will make you more efficient and help you make better decisions—ultimately leading to better outcomes.