VPay delivers better claim payment experiences that boost customer satisfaction across the insurance landscape. With the industry’s only total claim payment solution, we’re able to provide new payment options and streamline every aspect of the payment process. VPay helps companies solve their payment challenges by creating configurable claim payment solutions, including multiparty solutions for policyholders, claimants, and service providers. These solutions lower costs, boost efficiency, drive higher epayment adoption, and maximize ROI—guaranteed.


As a leading national provider of medical canvassing services, INTERTEL has been delivering accurate and secure treatment information to insurance professionals for nearly three decades. INTERTEL partners with claims professionals to deliver crucial data sets that can uncover historical medical treatment associated with possible pre-existing conditions. INTERTEL employs a large, highly trained in-house medical canvass staff. For more information, visit intertelinc.com.

Arcadia Settlements Group

Arcadia Settlements Group helps resolve conflicts, reduce litigation expenses, and create long-term financial security by providing settlement consulting services to people involved in personal injury claims. The group’s expert team uses experience, well-proven strategies, compassion, and innovation to help people navigate the complexities of injury claims. Structured settlements are the best way to ensure a strong financial future for all parties involved. Handled properly, structured settlements provide tax-free payments to claimants and final resolution for defendants.


At no cost to insurers, ClaimFox fulfills requests for copies of claim files so that you don’t have to—freeing you from inefficient processes and labor-intensive tasks. Insurers receive requests every day for copies of their claim files. These can be simple request letters, medical authorizations, and subpoenas from claimant attorneys, defense attorneys, adverse carriers, third-party record retrieval companies, workers’ compensation boards, and other sources. Fulfilling these requests is something you don’t always have the time to complete.


PLNAR is an insurtech software provider transforming the insurance claims process by enabling digital desk adjustment of interior property claims for significantly better customer experiences, shorter cycle times, and lower costs. PLNAR’s patented technology platform gives desk adjusters the power to generate fully realized 2D and 3D models of interior spaces from digital photos and streamline the claims process for quicker, more efficient settlement.


Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, TrueMotion combines the power of mobile technology, machine learning, and data science to reduce the number of automobile crashes and fatalities. Its patented technology uses the sensors built into smartphones to accurately identify drivers and score their overall driving habits, including distracted driving. The company provides an enterprise version of its technology to leading insurers.


Fastlane is a fintech software company dedicated to improving processes and creating efficiencies in the insurance industry. Providing innovation throughout integration, Fastlane delivers a suite of products to enhance and automate operations.


Encircle is disrupting the P&C insurance industry with game-changing solutions for insurance professionals and restoration contractors. Bridging the gap between the two, Encircle improves communication, collaboration, and transparency by enabling all stakeholders to work together on the same platform.

Kube Partners

Kube Partners Italy is an international consultancy and software application company with a focus on the insurance and banking industries, offering fraud and claims management solutions, dynamic pricing modelling, business intelligence services, and operational support.

Compex Legal

Compex is a leading provider of record retrieval services for both claims and law firms across the United States. With nearly 50 years of experience in the industry and 36 offices nationwide, Compex obtains records in all 50 states and in countries such as Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Our seamless Guidewire integration provides insurers with the ability to order any type of records needed on a claim. Our solution improves efficiency, decreases cycle time, and reduces costs.


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