handdii is a three-sided marketplace platform that simplifies the small-value property claims process by connecting insurers, policyholders, and contractors. Through smart workflows that help to facilitate job scoping, scheduling, reporting, and invoicing, handdii enables contractors to more easily complete the data-capture requirements of the insurance industry. handdii ensures that the repair process is transparent to the insurer as well as to the property owner, bringing this ecosystem together in a way that meets the needs of the insurer while producing happy customers.

Veracity Research Company

VRC Investigations offers solutions for insurance defense and corporate investigations delivered by the nation’s largest team of experts based throughout the United States. Clients benefit from our use of the latest technologies, proprietary investigative management software, the highest data security, and innovative investigative services for insurance and corporate programs. Since 1995, VRC has been an industry leader in investigative management, fraud abatement, regulatory compliance, and vendor management platforms.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics

Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) pioneered mobile usage-based insurance in 2012 and has since become a leading telematics and analytics provider for insurers, rideshares, fleets, and more. CMT’s DriveWell platform uses mobile sensing and behavioral science to measure driving risk and incentivize safer driving, while its Claims Studio reduces the claims cycle time with real-time crash detection, crash reconstruction, and damage assessment using telematics and AI. These solutions are deployed worldwide, improving industry processes for insurers and safety for drivers every day.


ClearPay automates the payable and reconciliation process between insurance agencies and insurers. Because ClearPay integrates with all major agency management systems, agencies benefit through the automation of their accounts payable process, as ClearPay automatically gathers payment approvals, notifies insurers of payments, provides reporting, and automates electronic funds movement on the posting date.


AssureSign provides a preferred document management and eSignature solution for P&C insurance, delivering accelerated policyholder acquisitions, automated claims handling, and reduced customer touchpoints. Since 2000, AssureSign has empowered the world’s largest brands to execute more than 800 million legal signatures by centralizing the processes for creating, sending, receiving, and storing documents. When businesses leverage AssureSign, they reduce cost, liability, and time-to-close while improving overall productivity.

Talem Health Analytics

Talem Health Analytics pairs clinical expertise with technology to enhance insurers’ understanding of bodily injury and medical recovery. With more than 20 years of experience in the medical and biomechanical field, we use a unique combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable claims professionals to evaluate and understand injuries accurately, and to assist in claim assignment, case management, and settlement.

Pilot Services on Demand

Founded on a culture of service, Pilot Services on Demand has built long-standing business and personal relationships with insurers across the US. For more than 35 years, we have brought innovative, customer-centric solutions to the insurance industry.


TempusDirect is built on user-inspired innovation and a promise to listen and serve with a sense of urgency. We create our solutions for insurers, third-party administrators, and self-administered employers across all insurance lines where medical providers are paid directly by P&C payers. We eliminate the burdensome obstacles to provider reimbursement by partnering with patients, healthcare providers, and insurers in a collaborative way that builds strong relationships, a better and more streamlined reimbursement process, and faster patient recovery.


Compensation for covered events is the reason that consumers buy insurance—and trust in the valuation is the essence of the relationship between an insurance company and its customers. Since 2006, Upptec has been performing valuations that are automated, uniform, and objectively based on large amounts of data. Upptec’s automation makes content valuations available in seconds.

Hi Marley

Hi Marley is a leading AI-based texting platform built specifically for the P&C insurance industry. It enables insurers to quickly and easily communicate via text with customers and partners in the insurance ecosystem to deliver a customer experience like never before. Hi Marley is built with insurance-specific functionality and intelligence, and it is architected to scale with insurers of any size. The platform requires no integration to get started and has flexible APIs for integration.


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