Accelerate Product Launch

Like other insurers on Guidewire, Aviva Italy was able to launch a new general insurance offering in record time.

Capture more market opportunity with rapid product launches

  • Simple, rapid product creation

    Streamline your requirements gathering, conceptualization, and needs assessment with mapping capabilities.

  • Expedient testing and product rollout

    Visualize and test products with complete lifecycle insight to ensure seamless production.

  • Full lifecycle support at launch

    Core system connectivity and inherent functionality enable complete customer support from day one.

We used to write 50 pages of requirements for a new product, and usually those 50 pages were sent to 50 people. Now it’s a single page where the product is graphically described, and you can check the type, parameters, underwriting rules, guarantees, and deductibles. Everything is clear.

Vittorio Giusti


Aviva Italy

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