Achieve Profitable Growth

Achieve Profitable Growth

Streamline underwriting, rate intelligently, and quickly capture market opportunity

  • Optimized underwriting

    Automate simple underwriting tasks to free up your resources and capture market opportunity.

  • Precise risk selection and pricing

    Discover opportunities for profitable growth by embracing and conquering new and evolving insurance risks.

  • Rapidly design, test, and launch products

    Seize new opportunities and respond to market change with ease.

Achieve Profitable Growth with Risk Insights

Embrace and conquer new and evolving insurance risks.

Seize new opportunities

When we started running Guidewire, we became the first insurer in Brazil to have a 100% digital customer journey. We have the chance to attract over 90 million clients. With this system, our dream is about to come true.

Marcos Centin Dornelles

Director, Diverse Risks
Caixa Seguradora

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