Reduce IT Complexity

Reduce IT Complexity

Ignite innovation and improve business agility

  • Unmatched cloud service

    Quickly turn ideas into results with a platform uniquely engineered for continuous improvement in the P&C industry.

  • Updates when you’re ready

    The latest technology releases are ready and waiting. You decide when to deploy them.

  • Expert services. Open ecosystem. Single platform.

    More than 10,000 consultants and vetted applications, all on a single platform.

Reduce IT Complexity with InsuranceNow

If you have limited IT resources, you need a core system that increases agility without adding complexity.

Secure your success

With Guidewire, we can spend more time with our limited resources focused on things that actually create competitive advantage versus things like patching servers or updates to software.

Roby Shay

VP, Enterprise Solutions and CIO
Grinnell Mutual

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