change management

While watching Roger Federer play in the U.S. Open a few months ago, the commentators reminded viewers what a big deal it was that he had switched to a new tennis racket last year. To the casual fan, changing rackets would seem like a very nonchalant activity. For Roger Federer, who has won more Grand Slam tournaments than any other men’s tennis player in history, change is not something that equates to success.... Read More >
As insurance carriers increasingly transform their policy administration systems to provide more self-service options to their agents, they must be mindful of the possible business disruptions these changes may cause.... Read More >
Recently, we’ve seen increasing interest from small-to-mid-sized carriers in transforming their policy administration systems. One of the biggest considerations for this type of business transformation is organizational change management. Organizational change management is one of the hardest areas to change, but is key not only to minimize disruption during the change, but also to enable adoption and realization of the business benefits.... Read More >
Competitive market pressures, ever-changing technologies, cost constraints and increased focus on customers’ needs are just a few drivers that compel companies to undertake significant transformational initiatives.... Read More >
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