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Factors such as gender, age, marital status, where you live, etc. can all affect your car insurance rate.  But, what if you could be priced based upon your driving behavior? Not your neighbors, but truly your own driving behavior. That is the value proposition that Root Car Insurance is bringing to market. Who?... Read More >
Can predictive analytics forecast if predictive analytics will transform the insurance industry?  If you were to ask someone ten years ago, you might have thought ‘yeah right.’... Read More >
In my previous post, I outlined the importance of data science in leveraging and monetizing the current proliferation of data in most digital industries. The data science group is becoming the de facto group responsible for gaining insight from a company’s data. The pressing question that most organizations without an existing data science group struggle with is how to begin building out such a team with the proper skillsets.... Read More >
The title of “Data Scientist” is a relatively recent phenomena. Coined and popularized in the late ‘90s, the title didn’t really seem to have much widespread adoption until the last decade where the extreme proliferation of data and the need to analyze it forced companies to seek out the specialized resources best suited for this task. When I first entered the field a decade ago, the term “data scientist” really didn’t even exist (don’t most scientists use data?). To illustrate, I started as ... Read More >