As in “I love loss development triangles!” (Wait, what were you thinking?) I love them so much I made a couple hundred thousand of them*.... Read More >
In the business world there is a common refrain, “the customer is king”. The point is that no matter what business you are in, whether you’re selling insurance policies or insurance software, customer satisfaction is paramount. From Guidewire’s founding until today, this principle has driven and continues to drive everything we do: build quality products, sell them with integrity, and help customers go live and transform their businesses.... Read More >
Too often looking at poorly designed BI or analytics tools is like a punch in the gut: welcome to work – you’re going to be miserable. ... Read More >
On July 10, 2008, the Apple App Store opened with about 500 apps: over 40 billion app downloads later, from 500 million accounts, with a choice of more than 775,000 apps, you could logically draw the conclusion that making apps must be rather easy. Truthfully, the technical process is not exactly rocket science, but that, I think, misses the point.... Read More >
Here at Guidewire Live, we like to emphasize how easy we make it for customers to join: You install a simple extract program, and we take care of the rest. And when you log in to our apps, we want you to see meaning, not “big data”.... Read More >
You may wonder how Guidewire Live got its name. I’m not a parent and therefore have never been burdened with placing the name on a child who’ll have to live with it for life. Sure, I’ve named hamsters as a kid. I named my dogs Roxy and Mervin, even called a beat up pick-up truck Denise, but none of them (nor anyone else) particularly cared what they were called, so selecting their names didn’t present much pressure.... Read More >
There will be a new and regular series of blogs where members of the Guidewire Live team will be blogging our experiences and opinions on all things Guidewire Live and beyond.  We hope you’ll engage with us and give us your thoughts too.... Read More >


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