In a previous blog post (see The Engagement Era), I provided Guidewire’s perspective that we are at the beginning phase of a new era of P&C systems—the engagement era.... Read More >
The title of “Data Scientist” is a relatively recent phenomena. Coined and popularized in the late ‘90s, the title didn’t really seem to have much widespread adoption until the last decade where the extreme proliferation of data and the need to analyze it forced companies to seek out the specialized resources best suited for this task. When I first entered the field a decade ago, the term “data scientist” really didn’t even exist (don’t most scientists use data?). To illustrate, I started as ... Read More >
We all agree that predictive modeling is a powerful tool that can help us make better business decisions in every segment of the P&C insurance value chain. Daily we come across all kinds of industry statistics on how P&C carriers are planning to increase their investment in predictive analytics and where they are planning to invest. The ‘how we do it’ is equally important as the ‘what we do’.... Read More >
One of the biggest challenges faced by the U.S. Homeowners insurance industry are the losses driven by hazardous or poor maintenance conditions. There are many unknowns when a risk is being underwritten and field inspections help carriers learn more about the conditions of the structure and the property.... Read More >