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From "Guessing to Knowing" in Style

From "Guessing to Knowing" in Style

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For any reader who was at the ACORD/LOMA conference in Las Vegas last week you will know that we made a bit of a splash at the Guidewire booth with Guidewire Live’s first conference appearance.

Although some conference swag could potentially be described as fun (we have a flashing bouncy ball from another show that endlessly fascinates our team), I don’t think show swag would ever be described as elegant… until now! That’s why, instead of giving away pens or rubberized sunglasses, Guidewire decided to give away a Vespa. That’s right, one of those fun and chic Italian scooters.

You may of course be wondering what the connection between an enterprise software company and an Italian scooter manufacturer is, and why on earth we would do this; other than to fulfill a burning desire to have the greatest giveaway in the history of insurance conferences (I admit to that being unverified, but I suspect it to be true) and provide to me the personal satisfaction of filling out a legendary purchase order request.

Such largesse needed to be justified …

  1. Fun – with one you get the exhilarating feeling of freedom as you virtually explore a city (for claims and policies); the other is a Vespa.

  2. Efficient – where the Vespa gets an impressive 90 m.p.g.; Live lets you get up and running without a project.

  3. Sleek - no denying both are beautiful in their own way ;-)

  4. Small and nimble – you can zip around a coliseum on a Vespa; but the focused apps of Live let you get your job done in no time.

  5. From Guessing to Knowing - Whereas a Vespa can get you from a to b; Live will take you all the way From Guessing to Knowing.

And oh boy was it successful - the booth was full of folks wanting demo’s of all the Guidewire products – – over 75 folks were eligible and entered the drawing for a chance to win that little Vespa (but we suspect that it may not have been the main reason they stopped by....)

And who gets to experience a slice of the la vita bella on their new aquamarine scooter courtesy of Guidewire and Guidewire Live?

The lucky winner is Mike Rowell of Alfa Insurance. We’ll be sure to follow up with some pictures once he’s out and about on his scooter.

Here’s a picture of some of the Guidewire team surrounding the scooter in our booth and of yours truly making sure the ride will be plenty comfortable for our winner.


And if you didn’t make it to Las Vegas, you are in luck. We’re doing it all over again at the IASA conference in Washington DC, June 2-5 2013. We hope to see you there… ciao!


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