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Guidewire | Insurtech Vanguards

Guidewire Empowers Insurtech Innovation

Introducing Insurtech Vanguards, a trailblazing new Guidewire initiative to help insurers learn about the hottest-new insurtechs — and how to leverage them — faster and easier than ever before

Insurtech Vanguards program identifies innovative companies of interest to the P&C industry

Why? Insurtech Boom

  • $7.1B investment in 2020

  • 12% increase in funding since 2019

  • 20% increase in deals since 2019

How? Via Innovation Leadership

  • Partner with insurtech leaders

  • Provide guidance to our P&C customers

  • Add value to the Guidewire platform

We're helping our customers scout the next generation of insurtech innovation as we identify and incubate potential new members of our industry-leading PartnerConnect program.


Check out Laura Drabik’s Chief Evangelist webpage to learn more about our insurtechs.

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