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Guidewire Software Announces Enhancements to Data Portfolio

New Invoice Aging analytics app helps billing managers make better decisions

SAN FRANCISCO – Connections Conference, 2 Novembre 2015

At the Guidewire Connections 2015 Conference, Guidewire Software®, (NYSE: GWRE), a provider of software products to Property/Casualty insurers, today announced new versions of Guidewire DataHub™ and Guidewire InfoCenter™,  part of the company’s Data & Analytics portfolio. Highlights of the 8.3 release include Guidewire’s first persona-based analytics app for billing managers, out-of-the-box support for commercial lines of business, and improvements that will provide additional cost advantages for customers. DataHub and InfoCenter 8.3 will be available globally and will ship this month.

InfoCenter 8.3 includes Guidewire’s new persona-based analytics app – Invoice Aging for Billing Managers. This app will help billing managers quickly decide whether they should continue pursuing invoice collections or write-off past due amounts. The app brings together analytics that will enable billing managers to see point-in-time summaries and trend analysis by line of business. In addition, InfoCenter 8.3 includes several new billing reports. InfoCenter 8.3 also has a new and improved user interface making it much easier for users to navigate and to find the right information with advanced search capabilities.  DataHub 8.3 adds out-of-the-box support for the most common commercial lines of business (Commercial Auto, Commercial Property, and General Liability). For international insurers, DataHub 8.3 now supports multi-currency transactions in policy and claims. DataHub 8.3 also introduces several reusable patterns and simplified reference data management that will provide significant cost advantages.

“Our experience tells us that data management is a key challenge in core system projects. DataHub and InfoCenter provide a solution for data extraction, legacy consolidation, and downstream publication for insurers embarking on a core transformation,” said Eugene Lee, vice president and business owner, Data and Analytics, Guidewire Software. “Furthermore, InsuranceSuite implementations offer a unique opportunity to maximize the value customers can get from DataHub and InfoCenter to reduce project risk and create a strategic data asset. We are particularly excited about the support for commercial lines with DataHub 8.3 as well as the new billing reports and analytics with InfoCenter 8.3, which are evidence of our commitment to improve the quality of decisions across the insurance lifecycle.”

“It’s not enough to report against a data warehouse…insurers need to integrate and embed that data within their core processes and channel experiences,” said Martina Conlon, senior vice president, Research & Consulting, Novarica. “With these offerings, Guidewire is one of the key package suite providers that is positioning a broader, more powerful, data strategy for all users.”

About Guidewire DataHub and InfoCenter

Guidewire DataHub™ is an operational data store that unifies, standardizes, and stores data from the typical patchwork of an insurer’s systems as well as from external sources. This provides the single source of truth to feed core systems, business intelligence solutions, and downstream systems such as general ledger, regulatory, and tax reporting. DataHub decouples data consumption from data production, thus insulating downstream data consumers from changes in the behavior and configuration of upstream data producers. With DataHub, insurers can more easily retire legacy systems, ensure business continuity during core system transformation, and add new applications in the future.

Guidewire InfoCenter™ is a business intelligence warehouse optimized for the Property/Casualty industry to provide information in easy to use formats for business intelligence, analysis, and enhanced decision making. Pre-integration with Guidewire products significantly reduces implementation time, risk and maintenance overhead, allowing customers to focus on configuration for their unique needs. InfoCenter is pre-integrated with IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence and is compatible with other industry-standard BI tools. 

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