Simplify and Lower the Cost of Implementing Common Integrations with New Cloud Integration Delivery Service

Simplify and Lower the Cost of Implementing Common Integrations with New Cloud Integration Delivery Service

Mark Weiss

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We’re always looking for ways to deliver fast, predictable solutions for customers on the Guidewire journey. We realized that one critical area where we could have a big impact on reducing customer costs is standardizing solutions for the most common integrations. That’s why we created the Cloud Integration Delivery Service.

A new Guidewire Delivery Services offering, the integration service provides complete implementation of pre-built solutions for fast, predictable delivery of the most common integrations—at a fixed price—in Guidewire Cloud. It simplifies the implementation of common integrations across projects with easily repeatable solutions that can be seamlessly implemented and reduce project costs.  

All integrations meet Guidewire Cloud Standards, including testing standards coming complete with automated tests, and are available in regions with support for Guidewire Cloud Platform.

What about more complex integrations?
While our integration service is ideal for the most common integrations in Guidewire Cloud—things that should be simple, easy, and repeatable to solve for at a fixed price—there will be complex integrations that require a more strategic approach beyond the scope of our Integration Service. Guidewire Delivery Services and our Consulting Partners will address these needs.

How does it work?

Guidewire’s integration service uses purpose-built content to deliver a prescriptive approach when implementing integration use cases for Guidewire Cloud. The expertise of our Guidewire Integration Architects and Developers brings a level of deep understanding for the platform, integration challenges, and SurePath Integration Content. This enables our team to deliver quickly while reducing the cost of implementing common integrations. .

By taking a prescriptive approach to design and configuration for commodity integration use cases, customers can prioritize innovation or adoption of new product capabilities, strategic business imperatives, and ensure compliance with Guidewire Cloud Standards.

As the Cloud Integration Delivery Service focuses on the delivery of commodity integrations that are common, partners and implementation teams can focus on customer-specific integrations and/or strategic differentiators.

The integration service will always be sold directly to the customer but is equally available to projects led by partners. Partners can work with customers to engage the Cloud Integration Delivery Service as part of their implementation.

Available Now:

Currently there are six pre-built solutions available.

What’s Coming:

We plan to have additional integrations in 2021, and will continue to expand our roadmap, prioritize customer demand, and build solutions beyond our current horizon.

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