Understand Policyholders’ Claim Experiences with Medallia’s New Guidewire Marketplace App

Understand Policyholders’ Claim Experiences with Medallia’s New Guidewire Marketplace App

SAN MATEO, Calif. and SAN FRANCISCO, 23 marzo, 2022

Guidewire (NYSE: GWRE) and Medallia announced that Medallia’s new Ready for Guidewire validated accelerator for ClaimCenter is now available in the Guidewire Marketplace.

Insurers know customer satisfaction with the claims experience is inextricably linked to retention and building a positive brand reputation that can attract new policyholders. Medallia’s platform enables insurers to gather feedback from claimants in near real-time throughout the claims process. With easy access to Voice of the Customer (VoC) insights, insurers can identify, assess, and quickly act to improve their policyholders’ experience.

Medallia's accelerator for Guidewire ClaimCenter allows insurers to collect data across significant moments during the claims process, including First Notice of Loss (FNOL). The technology enables survey invitations to be sent, allows feedback and sentiment data to be viewed, and facilitates follow-up on policyholder input within ClaimCenter.

Medallia’s accelerator enables insurers to:

  • Securely store policyholder feedback within ClaimCenter and sync input from Medallia to Guidewire for a 360-degree view of the policyholder’s experience;

  • Alert claims handlers and agents when they need to address issues with individual policyholders; and

  • Understand systemic issues to improve the claims experience and enable claims management to make informed decisions on service delivery.

The solution allows ClaimCenter policy and claims data to be populated in Medallia Experience Cloud to provide analytics and customer segmentation. The real-time, secure API-based integration enables policyholder data to be stored and accessed within ClaimCenter.

“By capturing policyholders’ feedback throughout the claims journey, insurers can bring together multiple data points and have a unified view of their customer,” said Chris Collins, Vice President and General Manager of Medallia’s Financial Services and Insurance Industry Practice. “With these valuable customer insights, they can quickly evaluate and take action in the moments that matter most.”

“Congratulations to Medallia on the release of its accelerator for ClaimCenter, providing an interactive tool to gain a deeper understanding of the customer experience,” said Becky Mattick, vice president, Global Solution Alliances, Guidewire. “This integration empowers insurers to uncover, analyze, and report meaningful business intelligence.”

About Medallia

Medallia is the pioneer and market leader in customer, employee, citizen, and patient experience. The company’s award-winning SaaS platform, Medallia Experience Cloud, is becoming the experience system of record that makes all other applications customer and employee aware. The platform captures billions of experience signals across interactions including all voice, video, digital, IoT, social media, and corporate-messaging tools. Medallia uses proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to automatically reveal predictive insights that drive powerful business actions and outcomes. Medallia customers reduce churn, turn detractors into promoters and buyers, create in-the-moment cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and drive revenue-impacting business decisions, providing clear and potent returns on investment. For more information visit www.medallia.com.

About Guidewire PartnerConnect ecosystem and Ready for Guidewire

Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution partners provide software, technology, and data solutions as well as insurance support services. Our Solution partners help drive business value and innovation for insurers by developing and delivering integrations, extensions, apps, and other complementary solutions for Guidewire products. All of our Ready for Guidewire partner solutions are validated for security, quality, and compatibility with Guidewire, and can be found on the Guidewire Marketplace.

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