Embracing Automation with the Autopilot Workflow Service

Embracing Automation with the Autopilot Workflow Service

Guidewire Staff

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Imagine a world where insurance processes, once a labyrinth of manual tasks, are transformed into a streamlined, almost hands-off operation. This isn't just a pipe dream; it's an unfolding reality in our industry. As the P&C industry faces a potential void with half of its workforce nearing retirement, the urgency for a strategic shift to automation is undeniable. This transition is not just a matter of convenience but a necessity to stay ahead in an industry where efficiency, reliability, and fast service are the anchors of success.

P&C insurers, often bogged down by complex processes, stand to benefit significantly from automation. A recent study by McKinsey on digital disruption in insurance estimates that implementing automation in claims can reduce costs by as much as 30%. Automation is not just about speed and cost-efficiency but also about accuracy, reducing human errors, enhancing compliance, and increasing employee satisfaction by allowing them to focus on high-value tasks.

Guidewire's Autopilot Workflow Service helps you capitalize on these opportunities by allowing you to shift traditional insurance processes from manual endeavors to automated workflows. Insurers can easily define, manage, and optimize automation across the P&C lifecycle, including claims, underwriting, and customer service. The Autopilot Workflow Service’s user-friendly low-code tools and seamless integrations help you rapidly adapt to changing customer expectations and shifting market demands.

Autopilot Workflow Service enables you to:

  • Leverage a low-code visual designer based on Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) constructs to empower both technical and non-technical users to efficiently design, configure, manage, and refine automated workflows for optimal impact and enhanced business value.

  • Utilize a resilient microservice architecture for workflow automation to prevent core application downtime, enabling rapid adaptation to customer and business demands by managing workflow automation externally without disrupting core processes.

  • Integrate effortlessly with InsuranceSuite applications like ClaimCenter, enabling you to automate insurance processes while allowing manual intervention when needed.

  • Integrate seamlessly with InsuranceSuite APIs and third-party services via our Integration Gateway, aligning your automation strategy with evolving business and industry needs.


The Autopilot Workflow Service helps you streamline insurance processes by shifting from a manual to an automated model. This approach delivers heightened efficiency with faster and more accurate outcomes. Automating mundane and time-consuming tasks frees your teams to focus on impactful elements of their roles—engaging directly with customers, tackling challenging issues, and impacting the business.

As insurers navigate the transforming P&C landscape, automation represents a tremendous opportunity not just as a tool but as a strategic asset. The question that looms large for insurers is not whether to adopt automation but how swiftly and effectively they can integrate it into their core operations.

Discover how you can automate your operations and enhance customer satisfaction by scheduling a demo of the Autopilot Workflow Service today.

Autopilot Workflow Service is optimized for ClaimCenter in the Innsbruck release, with optimization for PolicyCenter and BillingCenter planned for future releases.

View the Autopilot Workflow Service feature video and the Innsbruck Release Highlights video for an in-depth exploration. Further details, including additional features, videos, and media announcements, can be found on the Innsbruck Release webpage.