Hakuba: Guidewire’s Newest Cloud Platform Release

Guidewire Cloud Platform Releases Latest Release: Hakuba Released: August 2023


At-a-Glance: All New Features


  • Autopilot Workflow Service (Early Access): Orchestrate process automation across the P&C lifecycle with a new cloud service and externalized InsuranceSuite business process logic.

  • Integration Data Manager: Simplify integrations and improve governance with a convenient way to store third-party data for use with InsuranceSuite.

  • Guidewire Services Status: Monitor cloud services in real-time by region; understand historical trends and past incidents; and prepare for scheduled maintenance.


  • Rating App (Early Access): Improve rating agility and developer experience with a new stand-alone rating app that integrates with PolicyCenter and provides pre-built rating templates.

  • Global Commercial Multi-Currency Support: Easily write and settle business in multiple currencies in PolicyCenter and BillingCenter with advances in commercial product design.

  • Underwriting Rules: Improve PolicyCenter user experience with a new externalized underwriting rules cloud microservice.


  • London Market Journal Financials: Gain detailed financial insights for bound London Market policies administered in PolicyCenter.

  • London Market “Programmes”: Efficiently manage related risks by grouping associated policies into programmes.

  • Guidewire GO for ANZ: Efficient and accurate Australian Business Register lookups when creating new company contacts in ClaimCenter and Contact Manager.

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