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Guidewire’s latest cloud release expands capabilities and boosts commercial lines agility.


New features and enhancements


New API endpoints


New and updated integrations on Guidewire Marketplace

How does Jasper help insurers?

Group 1893

Claims Teams

  • Reduce workflow implementation time with a prebuilt automation template

  • Improve transparency and efficiency of the claims process

  • Build frontend experiences with our first prebuilt Jutro template for Personal Auto FNOL

Group 2365

Policy Sales and Service Teams

  • Simplify content, forms, and rating with an end-to-end managed service for U.S. commercial lines products

  • Streamline policy submissions with schedule import for auto and driver information

  • Access relevant risk insights to make better decisions with Predict’s Analytics Manager in PolicyCenter

Group 2356

IT Teams

  • Expand data insights with new downstream integrations in Data Studio

  • Improve usability, observability, and integrity of CDA pipeline

  • Optimized ski-release update delivery for InsuranceSuite and Engage customers

Group 2349

Analytics Teams

  • Enhanced data science techniques in Predict with the addition of Deep Neural Networks (DNN) algorithm

  • Maximize profitability with the expansion of Predict’s Tune to support imported models (Early Access)

  • Get deeper underwriting insights for Canadian properties with new HazardHub risk variables and wildfire scores

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At-a-Glance: All New Features



  • Layered Coinsurance: Automatically view components of shared charges, including commissions and leader fees, by layer.

  • New API Endpoints: Simplify third-party integrations to enable suspense payments and support customer-driven payment changes.


  • Autopilot Workflow Service Template: Reduce implementation time with a new prebuilt automation template for Auto Physical Damage.

  • Claims Visibility Enhancements: Improve transparency and efficiency of the claims process for all parties.

  • New Jutro Template: Build frontend experiences with our first prebuilt Jutro template for Personal Auto FNOL


  • Enhancements to Submission Intake: Streamline account creation and underwriting with the ability to assign submissions, improved data validation, and self-service configuration tools.

  • Layered Coinsurance: Manage risk exposure and provide pricing and coverage flexibility by distributing risk among multiple carriers.

  • New API Endpoints: Access audit functionality, link addresses for account and policy contacts, and specify document metadata using JSON only.

  • Predict’s Analytics Manager for PolicyCenter: Access relevant risk insights to make smarter underwriting decisions.

  • Schedule Import: Help insurers capture more agent-driven business by reducing manual data entry and delivering superior experiences.

  • US Bureau Content Solution (Early Access): Simplify content, forms, and rating with an end-to-end managed service for U.S. commercial lines products.



Jutro Digital Platform

Guidewire Cloud Platform

Guidewire Marketplace

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