Hazard Risks Analytics & Data Platform



The most comprehensive property and casualty risk data set available

Improve risk selection, optimize pricing, and maximize insurance profitability. Get more than 1,000 property and casualty risk factors about a location or business in seconds. 

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Make Informed Decisions

Leverage More Data​

Optimize insurance intelligence and workflows with 1,200+ property and casualty risk factors. Obtain the enriched data you need for smarter underwriting, more robust modeling, and seamless processing.

  • For property risks, get risk factors from perils including earth, wind, fire, man-made hazards, and property characteristics​

  • For casualty risks, get risk factors from categories such as area characteristics, business operations, crime, legal environment, past issues, proximity, sentiment, and social security​

  • Incorporate real-time, granular insights about properties and businesses to optimize decision-making

  • HazardHub is available for any company that needs U.S. property and casualty data

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Underwrite with Confidence

Accelerate and scale underwriting workflows with HazardHub data. Give underwriters better intelligence to make decisions about submissions.

  • Prefill key fields to improve submission and eliminate manual data entry

  • Show “red flag” risk factors before binding policies​

  • Guide coverage and quoting decisions to write ​more profitable business​

  • Get risk data and scores directly in Guidewire PolicyCenter or your policy administration system of choice

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Improve Model Lift

Uncover hidden risk factors that drive loss, and adjust pricing on high-risk customers. HazardHub data is specifically curated to provide predictive lift and back-tested with billions of dollars of contributory premiums and claims.

  • Use HazardHub data to build robust pricing models​

  • Tailor pricing for customers and charge the appropriate amount to cover risk​

  • Create your own hazard data model using HazardHub data

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Prefill and Process with Ease

Enter an address to return a vast amount of information about that business or property. Use HazardHub data to prefill applications and automate processing.

  • Prepopulate insurance applications for a better customer experience​

  • Set automated accept, decline, and routing rules based on enriched data, risk factors, and risk statuses​

  • Accelerate time-to-quote and time-to-bind; lower your acquisition costs

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Accurate data is critical for Mercury to properly assess the risk of a property. We did a rigorous examination of risk score alternatives and chose HazardHub for its superior accuracy and overall value.

Jonathan Kisler

Portfolio Underwriter
Mercury Insurance

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