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Our Guidewire system has enabled a whole new culture of being customer focused.

– Tony Emms, Chief Claims Officer, Zurich UK

ClaimCenter enables us to look after our customers and what they love.

– Martin Milliner, Claims Director, General Insurance, LV=

We believe that PolicyCenter’s technology enables us to shape our services.

Michael Müller, CEO, Basler Insurance

Guidewire’s power is striking in terms of the amount of data it can manage simultaneously.

Juan Claudio, Sales Director, L'oliver - assurance auto

Guidewire enables us to dream for the future without limitations.

– Matthew Turack, VP, Insurance, Canadian Automobile Association

The parts of the Guidewire suite work very well together, giving the user that seamless flow.

– Julie Smith, Business Systems Owner, Lumley Insurance

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All-in-one, cloud-based solution supporting the entire P&C insurance lifecycle

Our Approach

  • Unified set of systems hosted in the cloud: core + data + digital
  • Integrated, all-in-one design and user interface
  • Comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality
  • Ongoing operational support

Customer Benefits

  • Quick implementation and upgrades
  • Risk mitigation and freedom from system maintenance
  • Rapid response to market demands
  • Improved customer experience
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Improves underwriting precision

Our Approach

  • Automated assessment of location-based risk
  • Tailored for underwriters
  • Works together with PolicyCenter

Customer Benefits

  • Empower underwriters to better select risk
  • Consistently apply underwriting best practices
  • Enable precision underwriting with geovisualization
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Gateway Portal for Agents

Empowering agents with self-service

Our Approach

  • Designed with agents and brokers in mind
  • Customize branding for seamless experience
  • Extends the capabilities of InsuranceSuite

Customer Benefits

  • Promote agent empowerment
  • Grow and protect market share
  • Improve total cost of ownership
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Deliver beyond customer expectations

Our Approach

  • Complete set of core systems for all lines of business
  • Developed on common platform
  • Promotes sales, service and underwriting excellence

Customer Benefits

  • Enable business agility
  • Seamless customer experience throughout insurance lifecycle
  • Improve operational performance, responsiveness and decision making
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See how our products work together

All Guidewire applications are built on a shared technology foundation for unparalleled performance and flexibility. Learn More


Read insights from Guidewire experts and customers.
The Convergence of Core Systems, Data, and Analytics
"There is currently a procedural, operational, and strategic information gap that insurers face. Claims managers wonder, “How do I obtain more efficiency in my claims handling?”; the CEO might ask “How will my business look in three years with these decisions?”; claims adjusters would like to know, “I’ve estimated four of these in the past; give me the average to start.”; the CMO might ask “Based on my current experience, which markets should we target?”; product managers wonder “What new coverages can I offer to help differentiate my products?”. Embedding analytics within the core processes helps bridge this information gap.
Guidewire Insight
Insights from Guidewire's Satyen Paneri following his participation in a webinar about a new Strategy Meets Action (SMA) white paper, “Core Systems, Analytics, and the Data Explosion – Empowering Modern Core Systems with Data and Analytics”. As a sponsor of this research, Guidewire was able to share how insurers can discover the greatest benefits when their core and data systems are fully integrated with analytics operationalized throughout the core systems. Think 'Data in Motion' which perfectly illustrates how dynamic, accessible data at the point of decision can empower the insurance worker to make better decisions for their customers.
Insurance disrupted | Deloitte UK
The digital revolution is felt to be a threat by many in the insurance industry, especially following the increase of innovative new entrants and the rapid rise of comparison websites. Insurance disrupted focuses on nine applications of digital technology that could have the greatest potential to disrupt general insurance over the next ten years.
Guidewire Insight
Whether you view the digital revolution as a time of threat or one of opportunity, this UK-based report by Guidewire partner, Deloitte provides good insight into nine so called 'killer apps' - apps that utilize digital technology to change P&C/general insurance. Are they on your radar? Is your company poised to seize the opportunities that lie ahead? Not sure? Then this research report is a must-read.
Tech Trends - Business Agility: Does the Payoff Justify the Cost?
The Digital Age has forced many changes in how organizations do business; essentially, they must adapt to survive and thrive. For example, the rise of mobile device use means consumers now demand anytime, anywhere access to what they need, and a personalized experience that makes them feel empowered and important. On the business side, organizations must be able to take advantage of all the benefits that the cloud offers — cost savings, flexibility and scalability, in particular.
Guidewire Insight
The modern technology platform that insurers need to remain competitive and differentiate their products is often tough to justify by traditional means. Guidewire authors share their insights on looking beyond the IT budget to justify the cost of your core system project and not letting the possibility of upfront sticker shock stop you from moving forward.