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All-in-one, cloud-based solution supporting the entire P&C insurance lifecycle

Our Approach

  • Unified set of systems hosted in the cloud: core + data + digital
  • Integrated, all-in-one design and user interface
  • Comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality
  • Ongoing operational support

Customer Benefits

  • Quick implementation and upgrades
  • Risk mitigation and freedom from system maintenance
  • Rapid response to market demands
  • Improved customer experience

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Improves underwriting precision

Our Approach

  • Automated assessment of location-based risk
  • Tailored for underwriters
  • Works together with PolicyCenter

Customer Benefits

  • Empower underwriters to better select risk
  • Consistently apply underwriting best practices
  • Enable precision underwriting with geovisualization

Gateway Portal for Agents

Empowering agents with self-service

Our Approach

  • Designed with agents and brokers in mind
  • Customize branding for seamless experience
  • Extends the capabilities of InsuranceSuite

Customer Benefits

  • Promote agent empowerment
  • Grow and protect market share
  • Improve total cost of ownership


Deliver beyond customer expectations

Our Approach

  • Complete set of core systems for all lines of business
  • Developed on common platform
  • Promotes sales, service, and underwriting excellence

Customer Benefits

  • Enable business agility
  • Seamless customer experience throughout insurance lifecycle
  • Improve operational performance, responsiveness and decision making

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Read insights from Guidewire experts and customers.
Generation uninsured: what are the challenges and opportunities for the insurance industry?
Younger renters evidently do not have an insurance habit yet, and this presents a challenge for insurers; but this is also an opportunity. Generation Rent offers a large untapped market in the UK that is going to grow considerably over the next few years. What can insurers do about this?
Guidewire Insight
These are turbulent times for the housing market, the younger generation, and the organizations in business to insure them. A recent survey of young British adults from Generation Rent reveals that 60% of young renters aged 20-30 have no insurance, despite a majority saying they had suffered a loss while uninsured. This blog, written by our own Keith Stonell, analyzes what’s behind these disappointing results. Some of the characteristics that emerge in the survey are evident in many parts of the world, including the U.S. market. No matter the geographic location, there are four key steps Stonell says insurers may want to employ to connect with young renters, to change their non-insurance habit, and convert them to committed customers.
Machine intelligence: Technology mimics human cognition to create value
Artificial intelligence—technologies capable of performing tasks normally requiring human intelligence—is becoming an important component of analytics efforts. Yet AI is only one part of a larger, more compelling set of developments in the realm of cognitive computing. The bigger story is machine intelligence (MI), an umbrella term for a collection of advances representing a new cognitive era.
Guidewire Insight
Predictive analytics are rapidly being adopted by the insurance industry. And, the next iteration of this technology is already accessible to property & casualty insurers for use in a variety of ways. Analyzing natural language patterns and naturally occurring trends in a book of business, insurers are able to improve risk assessment, pricing and underwriting. In the claims area, machine learning can assist with fraud mitigation and auto loss prevention. As part of Deloitte's Tech Trends 2017 report, this specific section shares a spectrum of opportunities CIOs can consider with machine learning.
Embracing possibility, boosting innovation
"Despite soft premium rates, low interest rates, and subdued economic growth in many developed markets, insurance CEOs are optimistic about their own companies’ prospects. Over a third (35%) are very confident that they can achieve revenue growth over the next year and more than 80% are at least somewhat confident. However, insurance CEOs are acutely aware of the disruption and change facing their industry, the transformational impact of which is now evident in areas ranging from robo-advice to pay-as-you-go and sensor-based coverage."
Guidewire Insight
PwC surveyed 95 insurance CEOs in 39 countries for its 20th CEO Survey and found that concerns over regulation, the pace of technological change, shifting customer behavior, and competition from new market entrants have continued to rise from their already high levels. We at Guidewire have seen similar concerns. The battleground for competition is shifting toward a more technology enabled kind of domain, elements such as digital distribution, omnichannel service, application of predictive analytics to key insurance decisions, all of these things have become highly consequential to the way insurers will compete and are preparing to compete in this next generation.