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All-in-one, cloud-based solution supporting the entire P&C insurance lifecycle

Our Approach

  • Unified set of systems hosted in the cloud: core + data + digital
  • Integrated, all-in-one design and user interface
  • Comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality
  • Ongoing operational support

Customer Benefits

  • Quick implementation and upgrades
  • Risk mitigation and freedom from system maintenance
  • Rapid response to market demands
  • Improved customer experience

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Improves underwriting precision

Our Approach

  • Automated assessment of location-based risk
  • Tailored for underwriters
  • Works together with PolicyCenter

Customer Benefits

  • Empower underwriters to better select risk
  • Consistently apply underwriting best practices
  • Enable precision underwriting with geovisualization


Deliver beyond customer expectations

Our Approach

  • Complete set of core systems for all lines of business
  • Developed on common platform
  • Promotes sales, service, and underwriting excellence

Customer Benefits

  • Enable business agility
  • Seamless customer experience throughout insurance lifecycle
  • Improve operational performance, responsiveness and decision making

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Emerging Tech in P&C Insurance: It’s Not About the Technology - Strategy Meets Action
There is no question that understanding the technologies themselves are important, but from an insurance point of view, it is not about the technology – it is about what the technologies mean for customers, risks, and operations.
Guidewire Insight
There's no denying that emerging technologies can and will change the way insurers do business. How it will change is a question that requires further thought, as Mark Breading, Partner at Strategy Meets Action, ponders in his latest blog. "It is both exciting and scary for industry executives to contemplate the implications of driverless vehicles, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, wearables, and many other important technologies," he writes. "It is also easy to get wrapped up in the technology." Breading goes on to write "it is about what the technologies mean for customers, risks, and operations." We at Guidewire agree; in an era of relentlessly digitizing commerce and automation, rapidly evolving into an era of new data sources and artificial intelligence, applying new technology to specific insurance needs and processes becomes more important than ever.
Telematics: a Win-Win Proposition for Carriers and Customers, and a Door Opener for the Future of Insurance
With telematics, let us imagine a very changed industry, not only at an operational level, but also on a deeper basis, potentially with a redefined business model and relationship with its customers. It is not hard to envisage new business models, also built in partnership with related industries, providing the opportunity to realize that cultural shift from “adjusting” to “preventing” risk; with positive impact both for customers and insurers.
Guidewire Insight
In a recent white paper SwissRe offered its perspective on the value of telematics to insurers and customers. It sets out some simple points that, considered together, provide a concrete picture of how the future of insurance could look. In a recent blog, Guidewire's Marco Burattino extracts some of the white paper's key points and shares his thoughts, including that telematics presents a very important opportunity to the insurance industry – to take care of the communities it serves more effectively and improve customer life quality.
Digital and Core Are Top Tech Priorities for Commercial Lines Insurers - Novarica Insurance Blog
Commercial lines CIOs and business executives should consider the following top technology priorities: enhancing business intelligence tools, including predictive analytics, through a data strategy, governance, and good data process; upgrading policy administration systems for significant financial benefits; updating claims management and automating the claims process; and extending functionality of both agent and customer portals.
Guidewire Insight
With all the technology shaping the commercial lines business, having core systems capable of supporting it is more important than ever. A recent blog from Novarica's Martina Conlon identifies some of these technologies and the needed back-office capabilities, including predictive analytics, through a data strategy, governance, and good data process. We at Guidewire agree and continue to invest in, and deliver, core and data solutions to help commercial insurers drive premium growth.