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Insurance Technology FAQ

Guidewire frequently asked questions (FAQ) is a growing repository of information for readers interested in basic P&C insurance concepts. Review answers to commonly asked questions about P&C insurance technology, digital transformation, analytics, digital insurance, and so much more.

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P&C Insurance Technology

Discover what property and casualty insurance is, the types of P&C insurance available, what insurance coverage consists of, and more.

Digital Transformation

The latest on digital P&C insurance innovations, automation, artificial intelligence and so much more are detailed in our digital transformation resources.


Learn about the critical and strategic use of data analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and more, used to influence data-driven decision making.

Digital Insurance

The future of digital insurance and how it supports insurers and the insured continues to grow. Learn more about the digital tools and applications used, processes, the importance of digital technology, and more.