ESG and Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability Our Commitment and Approach

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Message from our CEO

We feel privileged to support P&C insurance, an industry that fulfills an essential role in society by mitigating risk and making people and businesses whole when loss occurs. Today, insurance is becoming even more important given the increasing frequency and severity of adverse weather events and the associated economic damage they cause. We have the unique opportunity to offer insurers an efficient cloud-based platform that helps them meet this challenge. Our goal is to create a company and culture that people are proud to be part of and to support this industry that is critical to our world’s future prosperity. There is always more to do, and we look forward to working with our employees, partners, and customers to identify impactful ways to accelerate our progress. I invite you to read my letter.

Mike Rosenbaum

Chief Executive Officer
Guidewire Software, Inc.

Defining Our ESG Topics

In fiscal year 2020, Guidewire conducted its first ESG materiality and gap reviews in collaboration with Anthesis, a global sustainability consultancy, to identify relevant ESG topics and assess our strengths and opportunities in each area. The ESG materiality review considered a broad range of environmental, social, governance, and economic issues of importance to both Guidewire’s business and its external stakeholders.


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We are focused on integrating ESG into our business and culture to inspire our people and to add value to all our stakeholders.

Helen Reid

Head of ESG


Information Security and Data Privacy

As a company that delivers products as a cloud service, Guidewire takes a comprehensive approach to the governance of information security and data privacy. As we grow our business and invest in the infrastructure, personnel, best practices, and policies required to protect the data entrusted to us, we embrace a security- and privacy-first mindset.

Trust and Integrity

Trust and integrity are the bedrock of Guidewire culture. We foster both by building and evolving corporate governance and compliance frameworks that support transparency, risk management, ethical conduct, and accountability.

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Employee Experience and Wellness

Guidewire’s greatest asset is its people. Our growth and profitability hinge on our ability to attract, retain, and develop top talent. We attribute much of our success to our growth-focused culture - a culture based on our values of integrity, rationality, and collegiality - and to our belief that diversity, inclusion, and belonging are critical drivers of P&C insurance innovation.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We believe that promoting a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity at all levels of our organization and within the communities where we operate is integral to the success of our business.

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Guidewire Gives Back

Guidewire Gives Back (GGB) is a program centered around employee engagement and making a measurable impact through both the hours volunteered by our Guidewire community and financial contributions. GGB strategy, programs, and collaborative partnerships reflect Guidewire employees’ passions while supporting our corporate mission.

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Our Commitment to a Sustainable, Low-Carbon Future

We believe that investing in measures that minimize the environmental impact of Guidewire’s physical operations is important for the health of both our business and our planet. That’s why we focus on operational eco-efficiency and making strategic investments that enhance the resiliency of our company, reduce costs, and minimize our carbon footprint. Because of the nature of our business, direct environmental impacts primarily stem from the operation of more than 20 offices globally and from business travel.

Our 2030 Climate Goals


Building Climate Resilience

We recognize climate science. The scale and impact of climate change presents a risk to our business as well as to many stakeholders - notably our customers, communities, and employees. As a result, we are actively managing climate risks and investing in environmental sustainability measures across our operations.

Responsible Sourcing and Procurement

We hold our suppliers and vendors to the same high ESG standards to which we hold ourselves.

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Product Sustainability

Guidewire offers a unique suite of products to P&C insurers worldwide who are facing significant climate-related impacts. We are committed to harnessing the power of our cloud platform, core applications, and data and analytics solutions to contribute to sustainability objectives that are important to our customers and the industry at large. We are also committed to contributing our technology, industry knowledge, and customer relationships to address the broader societal need for technologies and solutions that mitigate worst-case climate scenarios.

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