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Guidewire Services. Fast, predictable delivery for your Guidewire journey.


Fast, predictable delivery for your Guidewire journey

Guidewire SurePath, our guided, proven implementation approach, is a strategic Guidewire investment that is entirely focused on customer success—whether the project is led by Guidewire, our partners, or our customers.

The real story of AF's transformation is the people who work on exceptional solutions every day — staff, partners, Guidewire, and the humanness they bring. In our daily work to serve customers, we should work on solutions that make the world a better place.

Lisa Corless

President and CEO
AF Group

Achieve a successful Guidewire Cloud journey

SurePath empowers customers and their partners to maximize their investment in Guidewire Cloud Platform.

  • Predictably achieve your strategic objectives while optimizing costs

  • Realize value that aligns with your business strategy, ultimately lowering your total cost of ownership and maximizing your investment

  • Accelerate time-to-value while minimizing risk

  • Get the most out of your investment by maximizing the use of base product features

Accelerate predictable value delivery

Through SurePath, we speed the implementation journey.

  • Fast, predictable delivery through standardization

  • Greenfield approach combined with test-and-learn to accelerate implementations

  • Defined Guidewire Cloud transition journey for self-managed customers

  • Remote delivery of standardized third-party integrations to speed transitions

  • Cloud Assurance enablement and monitoring to ensure successful, healthy implementations

Invested in your success

Guidewire makes strategic investments across critical areas to ensure your success.

  • Testing standardization and behavior-driven development (BDD) as part of our agile methodology

  • Guidewire Cloud Delivery standards focusing on solutions, testing, tools, and transition

  • Enablement for onsite as well as remote implementation teams to deliver maximum collaboration and efficiency around the world

  • Ongoing development and refinement of SurePath by infusing field experience back into our enablement collateral

  • Continual evolution of our methodology and tooling to enable adoption of new product capabilities

  • Security woven into the SurePath fabric for onsite as well as remote projects

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