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Guidewire Cyence - Predict and shape the future of insurance


Predict and shape the future of insurance

Gain a competitive edge with Cyence, an intelligence engine built into Guidewire Data Platform and Guidewire Analytics to supercharge your performance.


We found that Cyence’s data science capabilities and engineering expertise offered us the best solution to address the challenges of today’s data-driven world.

Adam Rich

Head of Underwriting Technology

Uncover hidden insights

Discover hidden opportunities by analyzing petabytes of non-obvious data captured through Cyence Data Listening across public, private, and proprietary sources.

  • Get differentiating insights instantly to understand emerging risks and develop leading products

  • Apply extracted data insights to the right people, at the right moment, across the entire insurance lifecycle

  • Accelerate your enterprise-wide transformation with the world’s most comprehensive, curated source of data for P&C insurance

Make complex operations simple

Let sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence do the hard work of curating raw data into ready-to-consume modeling extracts.

  • Boost the productivity of data scientists with automated data cleaning, validation, and processing

  • Embed analytics, tooling, and business guidelines directly into your workflows for instant data-to-value

  • Optimize your data science capabilities by freeing data scientists’ time to focus on complex insurance challenges

Predict the future

Gain actionable knowledge with predictive models built on years of P&C experience and trained over time on vast amounts of data.

  • Extend your predictive modeling power by leveraging our expertise in actuarial science, data science, policy administration, and claims

  • Make precise predictions by leveraging the universe of available data across internal, external, and third-party sources

  • Generate intelligent insights to answer crucial questions about underwriting, policy, and claims management

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