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Cyber insurance risk modeling and analytics​

Assess and quantify cybersecurity risk for individual companies and portfolios. Cyence’s cyber risk analytics tools enable the insurance industry to make better cyber underwriting, portfolio management, and risk transfer decisions.​

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Trusted in the Cyber Insurance Industry​

Cyence is used by the world’s leading insurers, reinsurers, brokers, and ratings agencies to assess the cyber risk of their clients. It sets a new benchmark for internet-scale data collection, robust cyber event modeling, and embedded cyber expertise that helps these providers make better decisions about how to best manage cyber risk. ​

  • Insurers: Make smarter cyber underwriting and portfolio management decisions by quantifying the financial impact of writing cyber insurance.

  • Re-insurers: Leverage a single view of aggregate cyber risk to understand drivers within underwriting and portfolio management workflows​.

  • Ratings agencies: Access a detailed cyber risk profile of a company and quantify that company’s overall financial risk due to cyberattacks.

  • Retail brokers: Quickly evaluate your clients’ cyber risk profiles and help them transfer their unique risks to the insurance market​.

  • Reinsurance brokers: Understand the aggregate cyber risk of your clients’ portfolios while exploring alternative risk transfer structures​.

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Cyber Underwriting

Make better, data-driven cyber underwriting and pricing decisions based on simple dashboards and reports – powered by sophisticated analytics.

  • Evaluate risk faster: Quickly understand the underlying financial risk of companies in need of cyber insurance.

  • Understand risk drivers: Investigate areas of weakness in clients' cyber profiles and educate them on how to improve.

  • Simulate policy structures: Experiment with different policy structures to understand how policies perform under different cyberattack scenarios.

  • Inform premium pricing: Leverage average annual loss modeled estimates to inform premium pricing.

  • View aggregate risk: Move bound policies into portfolios to analyze an aggregate view of your policies.

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Cyber Portfolio Management

Leverage Cyence's rich exposure data and model losses for risk management and capital allocation decisions.​

  • Manage enterprise risk: Identify risk accumulation pathways to better quantify risk for capital management and risk transfer strategies.

  • Drive actionable insights: Identify and discuss specific risk drivers in your portfolio.​

  • Model catastrophic scenarios: Stress-test how portfolios react to a variety of different cyberattack scenarios​ from data breaches to threats of ransomware, phishing, and more.

  • Understand data quality: See match rates and scores for companies in your portfolio.​

  • Form aggregate views: Group portfolios to examine and analyze cyber risk across the entire enterprise​.

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Quantify Cyber Risk with Cyence Models

Accurately measure the financial impact of providing cyber insurance for companies with our proven cyber risk modeling and analytical framework. Get Cyence data and models via our web application, reports, and API.

  • Use broad data: Cyence's proprietary data listening engine collects cyber-threat data in real time at internet scale from 400+ sources and 1,000+ data points. Cyence is the authoritative source of cyber exposure data.

  • Perform cyber risk modeling: Model the frequency, severity, and likelihood of cyberattacks for individual companies and portfolios. Cyence cyber risk models are well documented with detailed outputs and expert support.

  • Leverage our experienced team: Cyence was the first tool for listening to cyber threats and rating companies. We've served the market the longest with a highly experienced client services team.

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After conducting a review of data analytics services available in the market, we found that Cyence’s data science capabilities and engineering expertise offered us the best solution to address the challenges of today’s data-driven world.

Adam Rich

Head of Underwriting Technology
Beazley Insurance Services
Adam Rich