Flaine: Guidewire’s Newest Cloud Platform Release

Guidewire Cloud Platform Releases Latest Release: Flaine Released: October 24, 2022

  • Streamline development and operations with Automated Release Updates, Jutro Digital Platform, Advanced Product Designer (APD) App, and App Events.

  • Drive efficiency and growth with Community-Powered Machine Learning, Submission Intake, and Embedded Analytics.

  • Accelerate time to market with expanded Guidewire GO packaged content.

Flaine Feature Highlights: Increase Speed and Agility for P&C Insurers

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    APD App

    Quickly launch and update products with this cloud microservice using product visualization tools, auto-generated code, and prebuilt product content.

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    Embedded Analytics

    Enable a system of insight with an enhanced wildfire model, better faster predictions, updated view of cyber risk, and expanded historical weather data.

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    Submission Intake

    Automate key tasks, reduce data entry errors, and drive underwriting efficiency with advanced OCR technology and an intuitive user interface.

  • App Events

    Streamline integrations and updates and increase developer efficiency by publishing business events to downstream systems without writing code.

  • Guidewire GO

    Penetrate new markets, innovate with new offerings, and diversify books of business with expanded business definitions and global product model content.

  • E&S Solution

    Capitalize on the booming Excess & Surplus (E&S) market opportunity with the newest Guidewire Solution, combining the power of Guidewire Cloud Platform, Guidewire Data Platform, and the Guidewire Marketplace.

At-a-Glance: All New Features

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  • AWS PrivateLink to meet connectivity requirements.

  • New self-service and integration tools for developers.

  • New BillingCenter APIs for account creation and management, payment plans, and return premium plans.

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  • InsuranceNow GO for commercial auto.

  • HazardHub integration for data pre-fill.

  • Predict dashboard for underwriting and claims.

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  • Expanded historical weather data.

  • Embedded analytics enable a system of insight with an enhanced wildfire model, better faster predictions, updated view of cyber risk, and expanded historical weather data.

  • HazardHub Enhanced Wildfire Model for more accurate scores.

Our Solutions - Accelerate product launch

New Solutions

  • Excess & Surplus.

  • Customer Retention.

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