Turning the Spotlight: Guidewire Wants to Recognize Your All-Stars

Turning the Spotlight: Guidewire Wants to Recognize Your All-Stars

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In 1777, Samuel Adams wrote a letter that contained the phrase “give credit to whom credit [is] due.” This quote is one that stands out nearly every time I speak to a Guidewire customer. You see, my role here involves telling the great stories that our customers have to share, writing about the benefits achieved, and producing videos that help tell the story of their technology-driven transformations.

Guidewire tends to shine the spotlight on customers who have fascinating stories of innovation and have experienced measurable benefits. You see their executives on the Guidewire Connections stage, at Insurance Forums, and you read about them in blogs or case studies. These leaders value the opportunity to share their learnings and outcomes with the industry, at the same time they give credit where credit is due and that is to the key individuals on their teams who have made their company’s success possible.

I remember visiting a U.S.-based customer last year. The CEO preferred not to go on camera to discuss their technology transformation or the business benefits they were reaping from it. He said the success wasn’t about him and he wanted others to be seen as the heroes of the company’s story. At a dinner that night, the CIO turned to a member of his staff and publicly praised him for the work that individual and his team had done to make it all possible.

Wow! Talk about leadership! Great leaders know how important it is to give credit where credit is due.

Too many times—and I’ve experienced it myself in my previous life as a television news producer—those in front of the camera get the credit, but those behind the scenes are all-stars in their own right.

Guidewire has taken note and we have decided to turn the spotlight to those all-stars, the ones behind the scenes who are driving business results and who are exemplars of their company's culture.

Introducing Guidewire All-Stars! It's a program to recognize those who are making a difference in their companies based on the work they are doing with Guidewire. These individuals could be customer service representatives, billing analysts, agents, claims managers, adjusters, underwriters, actuaries, and business analysts and developers involved in Guidewire initiatives.

Nominations are now closed. We look forward to recognizing these All-Stars at Connections. Join us and register today!