Driving Insurance Innovation: Livegenic

Driving Insurance Innovation: Livegenic

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Carriers offer consumers different options for obtaining an estimate on their damaged property. In the past, options have included drive-in and body shop inspections for vehicles and field appraisals for non-drivable vehicles and property. A trend that is gaining traction in our industry is visual-based estimating. This blog miniseries will focus on different vendor approaches to empowering the field and consumer with smart devices to estimate damaged property. All vendors are also recently-added members of the Guidewire PartnerConnect™ Solution partner program!

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Livegenic is a collaborative platform for insurance, supporting live video interaction, field documentation, media management, and customer self-service.

What is its value proposition?

Livegenic MyClaim empowers the policyholder in the claims process. The policyholder can use the app to document First Notice of Loss (FNOL), with real-time and asynchronous photo and video collaboration and guided self-service. Policyholders have service options. They can collaborate with inside adjusters through live video and photo capture, or through guided offline self-service with onscreen instructions.

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The Livegenic Customer Portal provides customers with instant collaboration- no downloads, Apps, or logins required. It’s a fast way to collaborate with your policyholders or field resources, providing live photo and video streaming, guided offline photo capture, and direct document uploads – all through the web browser on their device.

Livegenic Enterprise enables field teams to capture live or offline photos and videos. Onscreen instructions are available to guide trainees and new adjusters through an inspection process.

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Every piece of content that’s recorded or uploaded through the Livegenic suite is automatically organized and stored on their portal. Insurers can access and review their claim files, manage inspection data, assign and collaborate with other users, and access a host of reports and dashboards – all from their browser.

The opportunity?

Livegenic is a great way to streamline the claims process by providing intake options to empower both the consumer and the field adjuster.

Want more detail?

Click below to see a short video about the Livegenic process.