Guidewire’s Worst-Kept Secret

Guidewire’s Worst-Kept Secret

Guidewire Staff

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I’m going to share a dirty little secret with you: fundamentally, Guidewire is a platform for developers.

I think anyone reading this already knew that, but it feels good to admit it publicly. Yes, it’s true that we have made important advances in low-code/no-code capabilities across the platform, but here’s another little secret we don’t talk about much in this industry: developers also like using no-code tools! At the expense of using a cliché, it really is a win-win. Want to stand up a new line of business in sixty days? You can do that on Guidewire without writing a single line of code. But you can also unleash the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking of your developers to meet the most complex requirements head-on. You shouldn’t have to choose one or the other.

We’ve shared a lot of details here and during Connections Reimagined about many of the new capabilities of Banff, our latest release. The first people outside of Guidewire who will be getting their hands on many of these new features are developers! It’s that community who will leverage what we’ve built to drive new innovation and creative ideas into the industry.


With the Banff release, we’re introducing a dedicated site just for the developers who are so critical to this industry – The new site serves as the single “hub” across all of the Guidewire properties and resources that brings everything together for developers. On the site, you’ll find videos, articles, and more that give developers the information needed to get to “hello world” as quickly as possible and started down the happy path. You’ll also find the official Guidewire Developer blog where our own experts share the latest news related to coding on the Guidewire platform.

We’re continually adding more content and features to the site. But I’ve got one last secret for you: we’ve got even more plans to improve the developer experience. That’s all I can say right now or this blog would have never seen the light of day! So, to ensure you don’t miss any big news going forward, subscribe to our developer email list after you visit the new site. Also, check out the developer-focused sessions that took place at Connections Reimagined: