Discover What's Next with the New Guidewire Marketplace

Discover What's Next with the New Guidewire Marketplace

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This year has been a banner year for the Guidewire Marketplace and ecosystem. To start, early in 2021 the Guidewire Marketplace became this first and only P&C app store to have partnerships with more than one hundred app developers. From “Maturetech” to Insurtech and everything in between, our ecosystem has made the Guidewire Marketplace the place-to-be for innovators and creators who are looking to inject fresh ideas into our industry. For me, this is more proof that Guidewire customers are leading the way when it comes to innovation and embracing new ideas.

And right on the heels of that milestone we launched the all-new Guidewire Marketplace this week. With such a growing and sophisticated cohort of trailblazers collaborating, it seems only fitting that Guidewire provide an experience equal to what’s happening in and around the Marketplace – innovation. So let me take you on a brief tour of what makes the new Marketplace special.

Introducing the new Guidewire Marketplace

First, let me just say that the new Marketplace is absolutely beautiful. The entire look-and-feel has been overhauled to give the Marketplace a bit of a “swagger” worthy of its place in the P&C landscape of ideas.


The new experience focuses as much on function as it does form with several key enhancements all centered on a single design principle: make it incredibly easy for customers to discover new innovation. With that in mind, the first thing you’ll notice when you visit the new Marketplace is an improved search engine. Easily accessible from anywhere, the improved search makes it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for by enabling you to search for apps by name, partner, compatible product, or category.


Need to narrow down the results of your search to hone in on that perfect app? Easy. The filters have been simplified to make it easier – but we’ve also added filters that just make more sense for the way we all “shop” online. For example, you can now filter results by category. Want to see all the apps for Fraud Detection & Investigation, or e-Signature? It’s a simple click. Or maybe you’re expanding into new regions and you only want to see apps available for a specific country? Well, we’ve enhanced the filtering for that too – so you can easily see all the partner, Guidewire, and LocalConnect apps for France, for example, with a single click.


Personally, my favorite addition to the new Marketplace has to be the re-designed app profiles. If you’re anything like me, you want to get as much information about a product online as you can –without having to go down an internet rabbit-hole.

The new profiles give you all the important details like product compatibility right up front. But the cornerstone of the new profile is the media center you’ll see prominently on each app. Here you’ll find video, screenshots, and other visual content to help you quickly learn about this app and what makes it special.

Meanwhile, the new Details & Docs tab provides more information, but also a library of documentation provided by the app developer. This could be case studies, brochures, even installation or how-to guides. It’s all here for you to explore so you can better understand the app’s capabilities and decide for yourself if there’s something worth pursuing further.


We’re Also Delivering Innovation to You

I wrote earlier that the first-order principle, the north star we focused on during this re-design was to make discovery super simple. To do that, we need to go farther than only improving the way you search. We need to enable you to find new ideas and new solutions even if you aren’t looking just yet. So we built what we call “Curated Collections”. These collections are groups of apps you’re greeted with as soon as you visit the Marketplace that all have a common thread. You might see app collections for a specific country, or product – or you might browse a collection of apps for a unique solution like telematics or digital payment processing.


Think of it as a curated playlist on your favorite streaming music service. We do all the work to source and highlight apps for you, so you can quickly make discoveries and start exploring. The collections are constantly updated so they’re always fresh, and always there to help you Discover What’s Next - check it out for yourself!