Driving Insurance Innovation: Quilt

Driving Insurance Innovation: Quilt

Laura Drabik

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65% of the 18-29 age bracket do not have life insurance policies.

Princeton survey, 2017

Now, there are many reasons for this, such as low income, not being married, and not having children, but the question remains: how does a carrier effectively target this younger market? Read below to learn more about Quilt Insurance and the enterprising way they are providing life insurance quotes.



Quilt Insurance’s mission is about making insurance simple, accessible, and relevant for the 21st century.

Their Value Proposition

They offer two lines of business in most states, a term life policy and a renters policy.

  1. To obtain a life insurance quote, just take a selfie!

  1. For a renters insurance quote, just select the appropriate boxes. It is SUPER easy and fast.


Note: They do not guarantee an insurance price until sale.

The Opportunity

Quilt is part of the Plug and Play Tech Center, a very successful InsurTech incubator lab located in Sunnyvale, California. During our innovation-themed Guidewire headquarter visits, we often include a tour of Plug and Play. We receive very positive carrier feedback on those visits.

I find Quilt’s approach to life insurance very refreshing. It is a stale industry that simply has not done a good job at targeting a younger generation. A selfie is a creative way to entice the consumer into obtaining a quote. Even if they get the quote just for fun, Quilt has now planted a seed on life insurance which, at some point, might grow into a sale.