Driving Insurance Innovation: Truepic

Driving Insurance Innovation: Truepic

Laura Drabik

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Insurers offer consumers different options for obtaining an estimate on their damaged property. In the past, options have included drive-in and body shop inspections for vehicles and field appraisals for non-drivable vehicles and property. A trend that is gaining traction in our industry is visual-based estimating. This blog miniseries will focus on different solution provider approaches to empowering field adjusters and consumers with smart devices to estimate damaged property. These solution providers are also recently-added members of the Guidewire PartnerConnect™ Solution partner program!


Truepic is a photo and video verification platform.

What is its value proposition?

Truepic Vision is a fast and trustworthy virtual inspection solution for insurance carriers and lenders. It integrates Truepic’s patented Controlled Capture technology into a seamless virtual inspection experience for policyholders, with the same level of authenticity and trust as an in-person inspection.

  1. Request an image by sending a request for photos to any customer with a smartphone.

  1. Customer clicks on a smart link to install the customized Vision app, and then begins capturing verifiable, trustworthy photos. No registration or login required.

  1. Full inspection results are available on the insurer’s custom web portal almost immediately.


The opportunity?

The inspection process for insurance is expensive, slow, not customer-centric and uncontrolled images lack authenticity. Truepic Vision modernizes the inspection process for insurance carriers through patented, advanced technology while providing equivalent integrity and authenticity as an in-person inspection.

Truepic works with claims, underwriting and SIU teams across the US.