Garmisch Release Enables Insurers to Accelerate Innovation with Guidewire GO

Garmisch Release Enables Insurers to Accelerate Innovation with Guidewire GO

Julie Getzlaff

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What makes a great ski resort? Beautiful, mountainous terrain of course — but superior resorts must also have well-groomed, gentle slopes for beginner and casual skiers and snowboarders, and untamed, steep terrain to challenge the experts. In short, the best ski resorts are those that provide something for everyone.

The same is true of great software. While new users want intuitive experiences, power users seek specific capabilities for their areas of expertise and technical experts want extensibility, integrations and security.

Guidewire has increased our release cadence to three “ski” releases per year, so we can continuously deliver intuitive experiences, new market-specific functionality and platform improvements to our global community of P&C professionals.

The word “global” is key — for we now have more than 500 customers in 38 countries, each with varying needs, depending on their market and region. And this is where Guidewire GO comes in.

Like our “ski” releases, GO is global in nature. Each Guidewire release celebrates a fantastic resort in a different part of the world, and GO matches that global scope by delivering market-specific content for insurers from Europe to the Americas to Asia-Pacific.

For every insurer – no matter their size, location or focus – GO delivers the content, integrations and tooling to accelerate innovation. Whether insurers are embarking on new regional launches, planning greenfield projects or making improvements to existing products and services, GO can help – and everything is downloadable in seconds from Guidewire Marketplace.

New in Garmisch

Smooth Communications and Easier Underwriting for London Market Insurers


With our Garmisch release, we have expanded underwriting capabilities for insurers that do business in the London Market. Specifically, we have made it easier for insurers to communicate and work with members of the Institute of London Underwriters (ILU) and the London International Insurance and Reinsurance Market Association (LIRMA) by aligning messaging processing across both entities. In addition, we have made it easier for underwriters to classify risks with no-code configuration.

New Commercial Property LOB for InsuranceNow Customers in the United States

For our InsuranceNow customers across the United States, we have added a pre-built, ISO-based commercial property product to our six other lines of business. By leveraging this out-of-the-box GO content, our commercial lines customers can now get to market 50% faster with less requirements, development, testing and involvement from subject matter experts.

Improved Personal Lines Claims Handling in Japan


The Garmisch release has delivered for personal lines insurers as well. For those doing business in Japan, Garmisch helps to improve claims handling with new loss estimate and fault assessment calculators and capabilities for requesting police reports. To help prevent claims fraud and ensure compliance, we have also added anti-fraud messaging that integrates with the General Insurance Association of Japan.

New Parametric LOB for Insurers in Every Market

Guidewire GO delivers content for specific markets, but it also helps insurers in every market to launch new products and services. With Garmisch, any insurer can enter the burgeoning parametric insurance market. GO for Parametric Insurance features simplified pricing and underwriting to narrow the coverage gap while reducing risk, plus claims automation with pre-defined payouts tied to automated claim triggers in order to help insurers reduce time to claims closure from weeks to a day.

These are just a few of the Garmisch highlights for GO. Next week, my colleague James Couzens will tell you about our three new GO content packages for insurers in Australia and New Zealand.

If you’d like to learn more sooner, check out our Garmisch Release Highlights, visit our landing page, read our press release, or contact us directly. As always, we’d love to hear from you!