Insurance Customer Attitudes: Research Studies 2022

Insurance Customer Attitudes Survey 2022 - UK

Insurance Customer Survey 2022 - UK - Learn about insurance customer attitudes towards insurance and insurers.

Love, hate or indifferent? UK insurance customer opinions about insurers in 2022

In May 2022 Guidewire commissioned four parallel surveys -- in France, Germany, Spain, and the UK -- to gather the opinions of insurance customers about insurance and their insurers. Market research agency Censuswide surveyed a representative sample of 4,000 insurance customers aged 18 to 55+ in four countries.

The objective was to gather insight into how insurers might improve customer relationships, enhance their products and services, and consider new offerings.

Our 2021 UK research confirmed the negativity felt by insurance customers towards their insurers with the backdrop of the difficult COVID pandemic environment. In addition, a large number of respondents indicated a lack of awareness regarding their coverage, which suggested some weakness in insurer communication. How have the reduced effects of the pandemic and the lifting of restrictions in the last 12 months impacted these attitudes?

White Papers

2022 Survey white papers for each country:

  • The results of our UK research can be viewed here.

  • The results of our France research can be viewed here.

  • The results of our Germany research can be viewed here.

  • The results of our Spain research can be viewed here.

Press Releases

2022 Survey press releases for each country:

UK research

France research

Germany research

Spain research

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Survey white papers

Survey press releases