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Make the world more insurable by turning your system of record into a system of insight

Guidewire analytics products for P&C insurance deliver embedded predictions to underwriters and claims adjusters so they can make smarter decisions on risk selection, pricing, claims triage, and settlement. 



Empower underwriting teams to improve underwriting outcomes with strategic insurance Analytics software products.

  • Quote good risks, decline bad risks

  • Streamline underwriting processes with automation

  • Set price to the true exposure, every time

  • Retain profitable customers

  • Run data-driven marketing campaigns

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Enable proactive claims management analysis and optimized loss management with trusted Analytics solutions.

  • Assign the right claim to the right adjuster

  • Identify and escalate potential severe claims early

  • Maximize subrogation recovery in real-time

  • Head off potential litigation with fair settlements

  • Quickly identify and serve affected policyholders with verified damage

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Cyber Risk Management

Leverage Analytics to assess, model, and quantify cybersecurity risk for individual companies and portfolios.

  • Improve risk selection with 40+ exposure signals

  • Augment pricing with modeled loss estimates

  • Enhance enterprise risk management

  • Design and launch new ratings products

  • Grow business through better, data-based decisions

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Guidewire Analyticsのおかげで、自動車保険全体の収益が改善されました。また、導入に伴い働き方も変化し、4年間での保険料収入が20%上昇しました。

Daniel Sorensen

Mountain West Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company社
Actuarial Analyst II

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