Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association

Produkt: InsuranceNow
Sparte: Privat
Region: Nord- und Südamerika

The Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association (MWUA) was established by the state legislature to help provide an adequate market for windstorm and hail insurance for the coastal area of Mississippi. Also known as the “wind pool,” MWUA is operated and managed by specialized staff of the Mississippi State Rating Bureau and serves as the insurer of last resort for coastal property owners who are unable to obtain coverage in the open insurance market.

MWUA selected Guidewire InsuranceNow™ to replace a legacy on-premises solution. The association wanted a cloud-based solution so it wouldn’t have to maintain hardware and software. In addition, it sought a system that could auto-scale to meet demands during catastrophes.

I don’t have the in-house IT staff required for an on-premises solution. And should something ever go wrong, I don’t want to engage in a debate about whether the problem is with a company’s software or with my local hardware. With a cloud-based solution, I don’t have to maintain resources locally, and I have just one hand to shake should something ever go wrong.
Joe Shumaker, Manager, Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association

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