Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association

Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association

Improving scalability and cost efficiencies

  • 12-month implementation of a full suite, including migration and integration of data

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With a cloud-based solution, I don’t have to maintain resources locally, and I have just one hand to shake should something ever go wrong.

Joe Shumaker

Mississippi Windstorm
Underwriting Association

How Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association engages, innovates, and grows efficiently

The unique requirements of government or municipal-funded self-insured groups often include “doing more with less.” Such may be the case with the Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association (MWUA). Established by its state legislature to help provide adequate coverage for windstorm and hail insurance for the coastal areas of Mississippi, the not-for-profit organization serves as the insurer of last resort for that state’s coastal property owners who are unable to obtain coverage in the open insurance market. MWUA is also known as the “wind pool,” and is operated and managed by specialized staff of the Mississippi State Rating Bureau.

About Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association

Headquarters: Flowood, Mississippi
Operations: Coast Area of Mississippi
Business Lines: Personal



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