The Evolution of Predictive Analytics in Insurance

The Evolution of Predictive Analytics in Insurance

Michael Anderson

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More than most industries, Property & Casualty insurers use data and analytics to make smarter, faster decisions. Insurers are making significant investments in advanced analytics platforms, but what differentiates insurers who are realizing significant value from their investment compared to those who are struggling?

In my experience, insurers whose analytical strategy is focused around the final objective – delivering business value – tend to execute more effectively and deliver more value when compared to organizations who are not aligned with their business counterparts or perhaps overly focused on highly ambitious, if not somewhat speculative, objectives.

I encourage you to take a look at my recent publication in the September 2019 edition of the Actuarial Post, When Insight Creates Impact (page 18/19), to see how Guidewire Predictive Analytics™ is helping insurers make their craft smarter. For more information, please visit the Guidewire Smart Insurance™ page.