InsuranceNow Embeds More Intelligence and Enhances Cloud Performance with Cortina Release

InsuranceNow Embeds More Intelligence and Enhances Cloud Performance with Cortina Release

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What do skiing and insurance have in common? Well, beyond the obvious need to properly assess risk or chance failing miserably, ski resorts have become the theme for Guidewire cloud releases — starting with the Aspen and Banff releases in 2020 and continuing with the latest Cortina release.

To kick off the Cortina launch (May 2021), Chief Product Development Officer Diego Devalle published a blog where he highlighted many of the new enhancements available in Cortina. Diego outlined the many ways these enhancements can help our customers achieve faster business innovation.

The Cortina release brings additional InsuranceNow-specific capabilities that insurers can benefit from to improve their performance and increase operational efficiency. Two of these capabilities are the new integration with Cyence for Small Business and the availability of InsuranceNow on Guidewire Cloud Platform (GWCP).

Cyence for Small Business

Insurers have been benefitting from embedded analytics in InsuranceNow since the 2019.1 release, when Guidewire Predictive Analytics was first integrated with InsuranceNow. The integration enables key analytics to be surfaced directly from InsuranceNow workflows, providing users with insights needed to make smarter, faster decisions in the moment. The Aspen and Banff releases built on this by providing more direct access to reports and dashboards directly from InsuranceNow and providing additional financial, fee, and tax reports out-of-the-box. In addition, the ability to access actionable insights in the moment continues with the Cortina release, with new integration to Cyence for Small Business. Underwriters can now assess prospects’ small-commercial risk profiles in one glance directly from InsuranceNow through the new risk factor dashboard.


InsuranceNow on Guidewire Cloud Platform

The availability of InsuranceNow on Guidewire Cloud Platform (GWCP) means that InsuranceNow customers can take advantage of advanced cloud capabilities such as autoscaling and self-healing. These capabilities will promote improved system performance and availability.

For information about all the new capabilities available in the Cortina release of InsuranceNow, click here or visit to learn more.