Driving Insurance Innovation: Root Insurance

Driving Insurance Innovation: Root Insurance

Laura Drabik

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Factors such as gender, age, marital status, where you live, etc. can all affect your car insurance rate. But, what if you could be priced based upon your driving behavior? Not your neighbors, but truly your own driving behavior. That is the value proposition that Root Car Insurance is bringing to market.


Root Insurance uses data science to identify and insure good drivers. The car insurance rate is based primarily on how a consumer drives. They advertise that good drivers can save up to $100/month.

How it works

Step 1: Get the app and start immediately; no agents or phone calls required.

Step 2: Take a test drive. This measures driving behavior, including braking, time-of-day driven, smoothness of turns, and consistency of braking and pedal usage.

Step 3: Get a policy. A consumer can take a recommended policy or choose their own coverage.

As a consumer drives with the Root app, they gather and analyze data from the consumer’s smartphone’s sensors. After the Root test drive is over, the consumer will get a car insurance quote based primarily on how they drove.

All transactions are done in the app, including cancelling a policy, reporting a claim, inviting other household members to drive, etc.

Why you need to be aware

Root is increasing its current 88-employee workforce by 500%.

Many of the new hires who will be added over the next three years will be software engineers and other technologists.

The company, which is backed by some of the world’s largest reinsurers, including Maiden Re, Munich Re and Odyssey Re, recently closed a $51 million Series C round of funding.

Root hopes to establish itself as a national insurer by the end of next year.