InsurTalk Podcast Episode Four: Transforming Claims

InsurTalk Podcast Episode Four: Transforming Claims

Laura Drabik

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Claims is such a critical component of our business, given that it’s one of the only touchpoints with the consumer. Industry reports show how closely aligned the human touch and self-service preference options are. Surprisingly, preference options don't deviate by age until consumers are well into their 60s, so it's not about self-service or human—it's both. Consumers want to choose the best service option for them at the time of the transaction.

Making this process work for consumers requires new technologies and processes. Farmers Insurance recognized this and took a closer look at these—and took on a transformation that involved everyone from us at Guidewire to Farmers’ adjusters to the policyholders.

In Episode 4 of InsurTalk, I talk to Val Labarba, the Head of Digital Transformation and Change Management at Farmers Insurance. Val is a senior leader with extensive technical and digital experience. I had the privilege of meeting Val when Farmers Insurance was evaluating software vendors to support their new claims strategy. She has been an essential member and valued leader in Farmers' claims transformation.

Thank you for listening. We are excited to bring you more InsurTalk episodes to prove it's not just about ideas. It's about making ideas happen.

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