Claims Solutions

Claims Solutions

Enabling proactive claims analysis and loss management

Improve claims decisions with analytical solutions from Guidewire


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Assign the right claim to the right adjuster

Analyze claim attributes at FNOL along with adjuster workloads for efficient triage and routing.

  • Increase your straight-through processing on low-severity, low-complexity claims

  • Boost customer satisfaction while improving adjuster productivity

  • Minimize adjuster reassignments with improved reserving accuracy

"With Predict, and the ability to quickly and consistently assign each claim to the right handler from the start, we can settle claims faster — fostering even more trust and lasting relationships with our policyholders.”

Raymond Zientara
Assistant Vice President
Amica Mutual Insurance

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Identify and escalate potential severe claims early

Run predictive analysis at FNOL and regular intervals to identify potential severe claims early.

  • Identify complex claims at FNOL to improve case outcomes

  • Optimize adjuster workloads and improve customer service

  • Measure key claims KPIs and benchmark your performance against the industry

"The Predict models are producing very stable results, and we are seeing a 29% improvement in our workers’ compensation claim cycle times over a one-year period.”

Zachary Martin
Vice President of Actuarial, Risk, and Compliance Services
Frankenmuth Insurance

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Maximize subrogation recovery

Leverage internal data along with peer and industry benchmarks to identify opportunities for subrogation recovery.

  • Maximize recovery while reducing leakage

  • Increase creation and preservation of subrogation opportunities through early intervention

  • Reduce your expenses with quicker identification of vehicles not worth the cost of repair

"Compare has helped us significantly improve our subrogation recovery in our personal auto line of business. We’re now one of the best performers in the industry."

James Kaufmann
Former Senior Vice President Claims
California Casualty Insurance

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Head off potential litigation with fair settlements

Analyze claim data along with notes to identify claims with a high likelihood of litigation.

  • Identify non-litigated claims with the highest chance of future attorney involvement

  • Deploy senior resources to the highest litigation propensity cases

  • Strike the perfect balance of customer service and operational efficiency through targeted use of experienced resources

“Guidewire Predict is helping us in the early recognition of exposure potential. As a result, we are able to make more accurate case assignments and improve our reserving accuracy.”

Anonymous Customer

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Quickly identify and serve affected policyholders with verified damage

Visualize claims and policies information on a map to act decisively during active catastrophes.

  • Quantify the impact of active catastrophes while effectively managing field and third-party adjusters

  • Improve customer satisfaction with faster settlement of confirmed catastrophe claims

  • Reduce leakage from opportunistic fraud by flagging claims with weather discrepancies for further investigation​

"With Canvas we are able to plot where our policies are in relation to the wildfire and proactively reach out to our policyholders to tell them what coverages are provided if they’re temporarily forced from their homes. People really appreciate that."

James Kaufmann
Former Senior Vice President Claims
California Casualty Insurance

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