Innovation Panel: Making Ideas Happen

Innovation isn’t about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

In this video series, we will explore the innovation practices of successful insurers.

You’ll learn how they successfully innovated – and continue to innovate – in their organizations. We’ll also explore key imperatives that are driving innovation in P&C insurance.

Meet the Speakers


Episode 1: Examples of Innovation

How insurers of all sizes and lines create new ways to do business

Episode 2: Importance of Culture
How insurers navigate culture to innovate


Episode 3: Innovation Strategies
Different approaches to evolving the insurance industry

Episode 4: Where Do Innovation Ideas Come From?
Sources of new P&C ideas


Episode 5: Innovation Leadership Styles
Different leadership styles that guide progress and change

Episode 6: Effect of COVID-19 on Innovation
Preparing for the “new normal” during and after COVID-19

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