George Ng

George Ng is the chief technology officer for Guidewire’s Analytics and Data Services business unit, where he leads product and engineering for analytic products and solutions. George joined Guidewire as a result of the company’s acquisition of Cyence, where he was a co-founder and CTO. At Cyence, George architected a cyber risk assessment platform that combines internet-scale data collection, machine learning, and financial modeling to assess technology-driven risks.

Our aspiration at Guidewire Cyence is to enable insurers to establish themselves as the ultimate cyber risk transfer destinations for their clients. Guidewire Cyence Risk Analytics is the most advanced cyber solution available—an economic cyber risk modeling solution that adjusts as the cyber landscape shifts. Guidewire Cyence continuously gathers data and updates economic models based on changing circumstances, delivering tangible benefits to insurers and their customers as they face the volatility generated from evolving 21st-century risks. ... Read More >
Guidewire Cyence™ Risk Analytics recently announced the general availability of the fourth-generation update to our risk model (Model 4) for Guidewire Cyence™ for Cyber Risk Management. While developing this new model, our team collected additional data and reviewed a significantly larger set of claims.... Read More >
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