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Introducing the Guidewire Community

Introducing the Guidewire Community

Posted by Drew Parker Rose on

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We’re pleased to announce that the Guidewire Community is now available to all customers and partners. The new online platform replaces the Guidewire Resource Portal and streamlines the customer experience, offering a seamless digital interface for:

  • Accessing knowledge articles

  • Downloading products and documentation

  • Submitting support cases

  • Interacting with the Guidewire team

The Guidewire Community is a complete replacement for—and improvement over—the former Resource Portal. We’ve migrated all customer history and functionality from the Portal to the new Guidewire Community site, along with substantial usability improvements and new features. All customers or partners who previously used the Guidewire Resource Portal were notified of the change and instructed on how to log in to the new site.

Our customers have long requested the ability to interact with one another and share ideas, building on the interactions from Guidewire’s annual Connections conference and other industry meetings. On the Guidewire Community, customers can now collaborate and communicate online at any time through moderated discussions.

The site’s Community Manager, Katie Sarkhosh, is working with customers to form both open and “members-only” discussion groups, as well as establish focused discussions around technical and business topics. Customers are encouraged to ask each other questions and share their expertise on business and technical matters. As activity ramps up on the discussions, there will also be opportunities to discuss product ideas and suggestions as well as get feedback from Guidewire technical experts and consultants. The community discussions are currently in the pilot/planning phase, and we’ll be rolling out a full set of forum-like discussion capabilities in the first quarter of 2017.

In a time of rapid change in the insurance industry, we’re excited to provide an engagement platform that goes beyond the basic services of a resource portal. We seek to provide a collaborative platform with and among our customers that empowers them to exchange ideas and information related to Guidewire products as well as the industry as a whole. We encourage your feedback to help shape the direction of this platform: please share your thoughts with us at communityhelp


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