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The Three C's of Guidewire Live

The Three C's of Guidewire Live

Posted by Jason McDonald on

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Mike Burn wrote a great blog post entitled What Live is, is not important. Why we built it, is. It’s a great read on what our thought process was when we built Live. It resonated with me, but left me wanting more. I’d like to dig deeper into how we make sure you (the customer) maximizes the value of Live.

In my view Live provides three key tangibles. I like to refer to them as the 3 C’s.

  • Connectivity – real time connectivity to your data and similar carriers data in a secure (and private), but inventive way.

  • Contextualization – applications that deal with very specific analytic needs in the context of Property/Casualty insurance and those inherent daily battles.

  • Curation – caring for your data in a visual and contractual way.



As Mike said in his blog, “The launch of Guidewire Live made analysis real time; enabling you to look at your data and aggregated benchmarks using today’s data”. It’s this connectivity that connects you to your industry in a way that no 3rd party analyst, business newspaper or any other vendor can.


Within Live we’ve built focused, context based apps that provide a succinct framework in which to look at insurance business problems. Standard BI and analytics offerings provide a blank slate in which you need to guess at a business problem and devise an analytic model to deal with said problem. Through the power of contextualization Live provides a mechanism to analyze many of the most common P&C insurance business problems - think reserving accuracy, catastrophe triage, recovery leakage, before and after analysis, et al.


We don’t own the data you provide us. We are a curator of the data, a digital librarian if you will. Wikipedia defines digital curation as follows:

Digital curation establishes, maintains and adds value to repositories of digital data for present and future use.

At present, we establish and maintain 3rd party contracts (mapping, geocoding and weather overlays) and organize your data in such a way that gives you control over how you view it, slice, dice it and make decisions from it. In the future we will evolve new ways to view, monitor and interact with your data on the very same platform.

In the end it’s all about the 3 C’s: Connectivity, Contextualization and Curation: We add value to your data by allowing you to focus on making decisions in an easy-on environment. We are committed to increasing Live’s value over time through new context based applications, data curation and connectivity to the Property/Casualty insurance industry and its inherent and unique business problems.


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