Josh Hooks

As one of Guidewire’s Consulting Directors, Josh Hooks is responsible for driving implementation projects and replacing/transforming outdated legacy systems. He also spearheads Guidewire’s upgrade, performance and data migration practices, as well as the Guidewire Services Center in Ireland.

As much as I’m tempted to just say “42”, this is a more interesting question than it seems on the surface. Many Guidewire customers have an enterprise guideline for environments that every development project must adhere to, and our products fit nicely into such a structure. Others are looking for guidance and a best practice recommendation from a vendor like Guidewire.... Read More >
Even if you are a technology junkie like me, it’s difficult to keep up with all of the languages written for the Java Virtual Machine. If a few weeks pass and you haven’t heard of a new one, you probably aren’t paying attention (I just came across Loop the other day).... Read More >