Guidewire InsuranceNow™ is designed specifically for U.S. insurers that may be constrained with limited IT resources and need a streamlined, ready-to-go core solution in the cloud.

Its integrated design, out-of-the-box functionality, and guided approach enable rapid implementation and quick upgrades. Cloud-based delivery and ongoing operational support give insurers the freedom to focus on innovation and respond rapidly to market demands, even when they have limited IT support.

[InsuranceNow is available only in the United States.]

The business of P&C insurance is complex—it’s much more than simply the core services of policy, claims, and billing. The technology you employ throughout the insurance lifecycle needs to be as robust and comprehensive as the business itself. With InsuranceNow, everything you need is at your fingertips:

  • Core: Policy Admin, Claims, Billing, Reinsurance, Payables, Documents, Producers, Rating & Rules, Commissions, Configuration
  • Data: Reporting, Data Visualizations
  • Digital: API Gateway, Service Portal, Agent Portal
  • Cloud: Cloud Services

InsuranceNow’s all-in-one design means that all functions are on the same system, enabling faster upgrades, testing, and training. Being cloud-based, the system automatically scales in response to business demands. And redundant production environments ensure business continuity to set your mind at ease and your business in motion.

We offer a guided approach throughout your entire InsuranceNow journey, from implementation to go-live and beyond. With our prescriptive advice—garnered from years of experience working with P&C insurers like you—we provide guidance every step of the way: making recommendations, providing best practices, and ensuring that no stone is left unturned. 


InsuranceNow Benefits

Freedom from System Maintenance
Running in the cloud ensures application availability, data protection, and business continuity. We take on the responsibility for the uptime and performance of your system. Our ongoing operational support of InsuranceNow frees you from the day-to-day tactical focus on application and infrastructure maintenance so that your technology teams can focus on strategy and innovation.

Rapid Implementation and Quick Upgrades
An all-in-one solution eliminates the temporary workarounds and complex integrations that come with a multi-product solution, making a rip-and-replace implementation of a full suite possible. You can go-live with the entire system in months rather than years. We’ve guided more than 40 insurers through a systematic approach to replacing legacy systems with a complete suite, leading to faster ROI realization with everything up and running on day one. And because InsuranceNow is one system, a single upgrade can take just weeks rather than months.

Risk Mitigation
Being cloud-based, the system auto-scales to accommodate unexpected spikes in needs, such as those brought about by a CAT. As a result, you’re no longer burdened with scrambling to provision servers to increase the power needed during peak usage.

InsuranceNow and your data are backed by the comprehensive disaster recovery plan provided by Amazon Web Services to ensure your business continuity. With region-to-region failover and multiple availability zones, you can be confident that your business won’t be interrupted.

Rapid Response to Market Demands
When your team trains and works on a common system, you get a quicker return on your investment and more time to focus on your business. Because all functions are on the same system, testing and training are faster as well. Users have one set of tools, one user interface, and one place to make changes.

Moreover, one included upgrade per year helps you stay modern by ensuring that you’re on the latest version of the software, so your business can benefit from the latest features and functionality available.

Improved Customer Experience
A common user interface across the system enables agents to satisfy customer concerns and inquiries more quickly. Your internal team and agents are working together on the same interface and looking at the same screens.

Along with the improved data quality and data integrity of an all-in-one system, ease of use leads to faster, more intuitive, and more accurate quoting; reductions in re-keying; and an improved overall customer experience for your agents and policyholders.

Grows with Your Business
As your business continues to grow and evolve, Guidewire will remain your partner along the way. With multiple releases annually, Guidewire continues to add functionality and new capabilities to InsuranceNow to address your needs as your business evolves. In addition, you can extend the capabilities of your investment by combining InsuranceNow with the following select products and solutions from Guidewire InsurancePlatform™​ to address the needs of your business today – and tomorrow:

  • Guidewire  Customer Engage™ Quote and Buy for InsuranceNow: Offer direct-to-consumer products seamlessly with a world-class digital experience.
  • Guidewire Predictive Analytics™: Drive smarter decisions with integrated Predictive Analytics.
  • Guidewire AppReader™: Increase efficiency while reducing manual data entry with integrated OCR from App Reader.