The essential core systems that support the property and casualty insurance lifecycle including underwriting, policy, billing, and claims management—a central source for all critical customer and financial data, rate and product definitions, workflows and business rules, across all lines of business

Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ is a proven solution that promotes optimized insurance operations through insights derived from an engaged global customer community, and empowers employees, agents, and customers to respond and adapt to market change.

By providing a single source of truth for all customer, transactional, and financial data, InsuranceSuite:

  • Enables insurers to realize analytic insight and a true omnichannel experience across all distribution channels and all lines of business
  • Empowers insurers to quickly adapt their products and processes to achieve speed-to-market and invoke operational efficiencies and continual improvement across their organization
  • Enables profitable growth and the ability to capitalize on today's market opportunities and trends, including swift adoption of innovative technologies, delivering personalized product and service offerings, meeting increasingly heightened customer expectations, and addressing aggressive industry competition

We’ve designed InsuranceSuite using a modular approach based on a common technology platform that covers the entire insurance lifecycle. Insurers can select and implement individual applications or a pre-integrated core system suite based on their specific requirements and priorities. This also maximizes flexibility for insurers to deploy and upgrade as they see fit. 

We also offer flexible deployment options, including the ability to deploy InsuranceSuite via a traditional on-premises approach or in private and public (and hybrid) cloud environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Alternatively, insurers can leverage a Guidewire Cloud™ partner to design a custom cloud solution.

InsuranceSuite provides a complete set of applications to support your core operations, and a platform that provides the deep functionality required to successfully and continually advance your products, processes, and customer relationships. InsuranceSuite supports your critical requirements—for all lines of business—and promotes sales, service, and underwriting excellence across your organization, while delivering the technology that you need to adapt and succeed in a time of accelerating change.

InsuranceSuite Benefits

Enable Business Agility
Simplify configuration by enabling business users to define and maintain system behavior via our visual configuration tools and enhanced interaction models. These enable effective evolution of your product definitions and system behavior, including ongoing changes to rate tables, algorithms, underwriting rules, billing plans, and claim-handling workflows. With InsuranceSuite’s flexible design and broad support for all products, processes, and communication channels, you can increase your responsiveness, decrease risk and cost of maintenance, effectively respond to market developments and opportunities, and actively engage with customers throughout the insurance lifecycle. 

Empower Customers and Improve Retention
InsuranceSuite centralizes all customer, account, and policy information and puts your customers at the center of the insurance lifecycle. Provide your personnel with data- driven insight across your sales, underwriting, and servicing operations, and give customers online self-service capabilities and personalized experiences across all insurance lifecycle transactions—regardless of channel or customer touchpoint.

Improve Operational Performance, Responsiveness, and Decision-Making 
InsuranceSuite provides embedded decision-support tools and insight from external third-party systems and data sources to enhance decision-making across your operations, including continuous optimization of product offerings and related services. Leverage internal and external data sources to gain awareness and insight, improve operational processes, heighten responsiveness, and make better decisions throughout your organization. 

Innovate with Digital Channels
Today, in nearly every major market, there is an overarching theme of enhancing customer journeys and providing digital capability. The rapid evolution of the customer as the driver of all things in the digital age has created a world where streamlined automation and self-service transactions across channels are a must and not merely "nice-to-haves." 

With InsuranceSuite, you can deliver innovation on a modern technology platform and a true omnichannel experience, with a proven upgrade path, to ensure that your core systems continue to meet changing business and IT needs—at a pace that you control. 

Doing Business Across Borders
Writing business in multinational and international regions inevitably introduces unique requirements and complexities that are critical to insurers that operate in the global market. InsuranceSuite is designed to natively support the sales, service, and underwriting of business across multiple countries or regions—including within an individual policy or claim. With InsuranceSuite, you can seamlessly and accurately use local conventions such as language, currency, time, and customer information formats. 

Document Production in InsuranceSuite

Guidewire has created a strong ecosystem of Guidewire PartnerConnect™ Solution partners that can meet the industry’s diverse needs for document production. Members of this program have proven solutions and significant experience integrating with InsuranceSuite. Ready for Guidewire accelerators offer our customers the ability to take advantage of pre-built integrations that have been validated to meet Guidewire’s design principles and quality criteria.

In select geographies, Guidewire is an authorized reseller for Smart Communications—a PartnerConnect Solution and Ready for Guidewire partner. This partnership simplifies and streamlines the purchasing and administration processes for our customers.