Accelerate Product Launch

Accelerate Product Launch

Capture more market opportunity with rapid product launches

  • Simple, rapid product creation

    Streamline your requirements gathering, conceptualization, and needs assessment with mapping capabilities.

  • Expedient testing and product rollout

    Visualize and test products with complete lifecycle insight to ensure seamless production.

  • Full lifecycle support at launch

    Core system connectivity and inherent functionality enable complete customer support from day one.

Accelerate Product Launch with PolicyCenter

Deliver the insurance products that your policyholders need where and when they want them.

Discover how it works

We used to write 50 pages of requirements for a new product, and usually those 50 pages were sent to 50 people. Now it’s a single page where the product is graphically described, and you can check the type, parameters, underwriting rules, guarantees, and deductibles. Everything is clear.

Vittorio Giusti

Aviva Italy

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