Driving Insurance Innovation: FinanceFox

Driving Insurance Innovation: FinanceFox

Laura Drabik

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My 4-year old daughter recently participated in a school exercise where she was asked to articulate her dreams and goals for the future when she grows up. I was fascinated to learn that when she grows up she wants to be a Lego piece.

Drawing a parallel, as the VP of Business Innovation, I work very closely with carriers to understand their dreams and goals for the future. Although none have articulated their desire to be a Lego, they have listed targeting new markets, as well as providing personalized insurance offerings and services as goals.

InsurTech startups are driving innovation in our industry. They are unhindered by carrier applications and culture, so they are able to swiftly target microsegments and deliver unique and streamlined customer experiences. In my next 2 blogs, I will share with you a few of my favorite startups that are gaining traction in the market. Whether you learn, partner, or compete with a disruptor, it’s always good to understand the landscape.



FinanceFox lets a policyholder store all of their insurance policies from different carriers in a single app. Policyholders can also file and manage insurance claims. The organization does this by making FinanceFox the policyholder’s legal representative, able to deal with existing (and future) insurance companies on the consumer’s behalf.



During the onboarding process, FinanceFox will contact each consumer’s insurance carriers in order to digitize their current policies. It can then monitor coverage and suggest better, cheaper, or more appropriate insurance.

The service is free of charge, with the startup making money via a service component paid by insurance companies in return for FinanceFox handling most of the administrative and support side of insurance.

The Opportunity

Brokers are cheap. They don’t invest funds in technology to centralize and digitize policyholder offerings. They rely on the carrier to make the investment in technology. As a result, policyholders who utilize a brokerage don’t have a connected view of their insurance offering, and certainly not one in a digital format. FinanceFox addresses this need by digitizing and centralizing consumer insurance offerings. In addition, they look for insurance coverage gaps and respond to consumer questions.

FinanceFox has secured significant VC investment due to their success in the German market. Look for them soon in the U.S.