Dobson: Innovation Hits the Fast Lane

Dobson: Innovation Hits the Fast Lane

Amy Mollin

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My daughter is one of the top downhill ski racers in the country in her age group. She’s been lucky enough to ski all over the western United States and in places like Italy and Iceland’s West Fjords—even at Dobson in New Zealand. As we prepare for her to travel to a new destination, it gets easier each time. She knows what to pack and how to distribute weight in her (many) bags. She has TSA PreCheck and Global Entry to make the security lines go faster, and we deal with delays if and when they happen.


This kind of practiced preparedness is not unlike Guidewire’s cloud launches. We’ve been on a worldwide journey, and we’re getting better and more agile with every stop. Dobson delivers a whole new level of cloud agility and developer empowerment to unleash customer innovation. Let’s cover a few Dobson highlights.

I’m proud of the ongoing work on Guidewire Cloud Platform (GWCP) to help customers adopt cloud. With blue/green deployments, developers can make changes easily and promote code to production without user disruption.

Empowering developers is a key theme that we’re continuing from Cortina. In Dobson, we’re offering the new APD App*, which enables all insurance processes (not just policy) to leverage a single, shared product model definition. Developers can collaborate and respond faster with the shared product model to work independently on product updates.

Having analytics at every step of the insurance process is not just a necessity — it also needs to be easy and embedded. We’re excited to have our first HazardHub integration in PolicyCenter, which enables insurers to assess property risk data without having to leave the application. Insurers can understand risk status in seconds based on more than 950 geospatial risk factors.

Cloud adoption, empowering developers, and enabling analytics everywhere are all contributing to how our customers can unleash innovation. One of those ways is through prebuilt solutions, like our new Micro-BOP Solution. This end-to-end solution helps launch a new LOB from quote to claim to serve the growing home-based business market.

There’s so much more to Dobson. The Product Development team at Guidewire is looking forward to seeing all the customer innovations that will happen with the new capabilities. However, a lot like ski seasons, the next release starts even before the last one ends, and we’re already thinking about Elysian. You can read more in our press release. You can also catch our Connections keynote on demand. We’ll have Dobson breakout sessions from Connections available here by Thursday, November 18.

* Product feature available for Early Access customers