InsuranceSuite Reimagined: Say Hello to Core Systems for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

InsuranceSuite Reimagined: Say Hello to Core Systems for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

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For the past few years, insurers have been adapting their processes to support their customers’ needs for increasingly efficient, personalized, adaptable, and omnichannel expectations. At Guidewire, we took a leap forward to support this industry evolution with our Aspen release, which was announced on June 16. As part of Aspen, we’ve reimagined InsuranceSuite as a cloud-deployed, digital-first, analytics-infused approach to core systems built for this era and the ones to come.

Insurers are committed to their customers—and to supporting them as they navigate a world changing in unpredictable ways at an ever-accelerating pace. Everything is fast and everything is online. There is more data available than can be processed in the time we have.

For policyholders, that means the ability to purchase, renew, and make claims on insurance policies online, with products and processes backed by analytics and with the ability to pick up the conversation with a knowledgeable person at any point. And that’s just what they need today. Things are always changing, and the list is proliferating. Who thought that we’d be focusing so intensely on business interruption and devising ways to proactively refund premiums due to a lack of driving during a widespread quarantine?

Guidewire’s approach to core systems now incorporates all the tools that insurers need to navigate—and innovate—in this dynamic landscape. We’ve rolled our analytics and digital offerings into the industry’s leading core systems to create a one-stop baseline, with additional functionality available to support specific needs.

InsuranceSuite now provides the following benefits:

Enhanced Digital User Experience

All InsuranceSuite products now include digital front ends for customers, agents, brokers, business partners, customer service representatives, and vendors. These digital capabilities are powered by Jutro, Guidewire’s experience framework that makes collaboration and consistency between all Guidewire front ends simple.

Embedded Analytics

Analytics is now embedded across all InsuranceSuite processes. This makes insurance knowledge workers brilliant in every moment by uncovering hidden opportunities, writing more-profitable business, and measuring and monitoring performance. Guidewire Analytics provides a seamless path from data to value, enhanced by Guidewire Data Platform and Cyence.

And of course, it’s all deployed on Guidewire Cloud, which offers its own host of benefits, including:

  • Empowered business users: You can design products more easily with cloud-native rating and rules services.

  • Ease of upgrades: Subscriptions include regular upgrades to your core systems at the time of your choosing, with new features toggled off so you can plan to introduce new capabilities at the best time for your business.

  • Amazing digital experiences: Insurance professionals can engage customers, agents, and employees with Experience Manager with IT.

  • Agile integrations: System, process, and experience APIs connect Guidewire core systems to add-ons, third-party systems, and insurtech process improvers.

  • A partner to manage the back end: Guidewire Cloud is managed by Guidewire, freeing insurers to focus on serving customers while Guidewire manages the technology.

Visit to learn more about each of the reimagined InsuranceSuite products – BillingCenter, ClaimCenter, and PolicyCenter, or join us at an upcoming virtual event to learn more live.